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  • The best mechanical/industrial drawing books ?

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by AdiStratulat, Dec 2, 2011.

    1. AdiStratulat

      AdiStratulat New Member

      Oct 2011
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      Hi everyone,

      Does anyone know about of some recent changes of drawing standards?
      New specifications, "amendments", regulations, etc.? For mechanical drawings.
      I am interested for metric ISO standard.

      In other words: which is the latest/the best manual on the marketplace (the..."best in town" :))
      Which book(s) do you recommend? I found a lot on Amazon, etc.
      Any suggestion would be appreciated.

      Second, I am interested about DIN standard documentation (but written in english, not german, if exist).

      Adrian Stratulat
      Mechanical engineer
      Autodesk Inventor Certified Professional
    3. Mark Stapleton

      Mark Stapleton Active Member

      Jan 2012
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      Adrian, the American drawing standards (dimensioning and tolerancing, known as GD&T) is ASME Y-14.5 (formerly ANSI Y-14.5). The metric version is ASME Y-14.5M. The standards are clear enough, but require some reading "between the lines" to really understand what is being put forth ... in other words it's better as a reference than as a "how to" manual. Any books referencing these standards and claiming to make them clear are likely to be helpful. Can't help you with DIN, but I've found that the biggest additional (but useful) thing with DIN is the use of fit tolerances between shafts and bores. If you want to contact me I'll send you what I have on those (a nice PDF or two).
    4. himanshumalhotra_09

      himanshumalhotra_09 New Member

      Mar 2011
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