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    Discussion in 'UK jobs' started by Kamile, Jul 29, 2013.

    1. Kamile

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      Nov 2011
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      • Generate and articulate original designs and solutions to a wide range of engineering problems.
      • Be part of a team of engineers and specialists to deliver engineering designs to partners and clients.
      • Design of mechanical components, systems and assemblies.
      • Interpret and relay design data for use in projects.
      • Prototype manufacturing, testing and iterative design refinements.
      • Research and organise material for inclusion in design documents and reports.
      • Articulate design concepts to project managers and partners.
      • Participate in design and development events, presenting work to team members, partners and clients.
      • Plan workload to fit project timescales.
      • Responsible for project deliverables.
      • Monitor and check the progress of projects against priorities, targets , milestones and budgets.
      • Liaise with colleagues to facilitate manufacture of prototypes.
      • Any other duties, commensurate with the grade of post.


      Applicants should provide evidence in their applications that they meet the following criteria. We will use a range of selection methods to measure candidates’ abilities in these areas including reviewing your on-line application, seeking references, inviting shortlisted candidates to interview and other forms of assessment action relevant to the post.


      • A good degree or equivalent experience in a relevant engineering or science subject.
      • In-depth knowledge of one or more of the following:
      - Computer Aided Design
      - Finite Element Analysis
      - Mechanics
      - Computational Fluid Dynamics
      - Design for Manufacture
      - Rapid Prototyping
      • Ability to manage own work.
      • Effective communication skills, both written and verbal, report writing and presentation skills.
      • IT skills including word processing, email and spreadsheets.
      • Ability to work well in an integrated project team.
      • Willingness to undertake further training as appropriate.
      • Ability to prioritise and undertake a diverse programme of work to meet set deadlines.
      • Ability to identify and develop creative solutions to a variety of problems and challenges.
      • Experience of adapting own skills to new circumstances.
      • Possess an enthusiasm for engineering and design.
      • Flexible, co-operative and proactive approach to work with attention to detail and accuracy.

      • Research / advanced manufacturing background.
      • Experience of responding efficiently and effectively to phone and email enquiries.
      • Experience of project management approaches.

      APPLY HERE: http://service.joberate.com/redirect/url/c70d-f4-6c-6f-76983e
    3. X-Speed

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      Apr 2014
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      Hello, do you know if the AMRC offers summer placements to undergraduate students? I know some who have prior engineering experience before university and meets plenty of the above criteria's (albeit without a degree yet!)


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