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  • Transfer horizontal to vertical movement

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by noidea, Mar 15, 2011.

    1. noidea

      noidea New Member

      Mar 2011
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      Apologies in advance if this seem inappropriate as it is not my intention to offend, but after searching for some time on the use of basic levers I have still not solved what is probably the most simplest of questions to the mechanically educated - and well.. this is a mechanical design forum so I am sure this is the place to find answers.

      I would like to build a device which transfers a small amount of horizontal movement into vertical movement (the transferred vertical movement is greater than the horizontal movement - from a distance perspective).

      Do not click on the link below if you are easily offended**

      A picture tells a thousand words so here is a link of what I am trying to achieve. http://www.monkeyrocker.com/function.html While the link is not particularly graphic in nature, the more sensitive my take offence so please do not click if you have a more reserved nature.

      Again, it is not my intention to offend, I would just like some advice on the actual mechanics involved and how such movement could be reproduced.

      Thanks in advance.
    3. shipto

      shipto Member

      Feb 2011
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      I personally dont deem it inapropriate its a mechanism after all, however a clearer NOT WORK SAFE message would be nice.
      anyway a simple triangle plate with 3 holes like this [​IMG]
      pivot by shiptodruid, on Flickr
      would achieve the conversion but I think there would be more involved in that particular mechanism. you would have to keep the erm ram at the correct position with regards to the seat or the ram could go astray.
      I am sure if you go to one of the many video sites and search for this article you will find many examples of this in action. you may get some idea of the mechanism they use (assuming you can concentrate on that rather than ...)

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