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    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by Sam75, Mar 24, 2013.

    1. samarth2426

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      Apr 2013
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      Another easy way

      how about this

      Your purpose is being solved with lesser number of links.

      Others please comment.
    3. TomD

      TomD Member

      Jan 2013
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      Let's see if this makes any sense: I'm showing the green rod at 3 positions where the cam would in reality be rotating.


      In this case the green bar is preloaded out to 45 degrees resting against the cam and the cam forces the rod parallel to the center shaft at 180 degrees rotation of the cam. You can do this without preload by running the "drive peg" in a groove. I choose to maintain the rod's pivot outside the central tube as you originally had this.

      The peg can be a bearing or bushing in contact with the cam, where it could be a flat face if you can preload the rod out to 45 degrees with a spring. If this is an industrial application, I would recommend a track for the peg with a ball bearing. Of course, the pivot for the rod is a clamp on unit attached to the center shaft.

      The scale I have here is 1/2" dia center shaft; 1/2" dia rod; 1-1/2" dia cam disk; 1/4" peg; pivot 1/2" outside the CL of the shaft.

      The beauty of this simple design is that the cam can be tuned easily to provide the exact angle you desire at any position of the cam.

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