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  • Use of Idea Generation in Solving Real Design Problems

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by Athar K. M., Apr 16, 2017.

    1. Athar K. M.

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      Apr 2017
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      Hi everyone,
      The following is a part of my article on the useful techniques for idea generation in mechanical design.

      Collaborative idea generation is one of the improvement techniques for creative design which is not widely understood. It basically goes more like a channel of water where an idea is transferred from one team member to the rest of the members. The sweet water from the water channel is consumed, and not only is the water consumer supported, but also the one who supplies the channel of water. Similarly, the conveyor of an innovative idea is mentally energized with inspiration and satisfaction. The stream of innovative ideas would flow more quickly if there are a lack of barriers. These barriers are created by one's negative emotional triggers which are blocked while working in a team. All in all, supplying and acquiring ideas in teams is one of the most straightforward methods of improving the idea generation process.

      Inspirational idea generation is one of the most modern and commonly used methods of enhancing idea generation. First, the members of a team set themselves individual research tasks. After they acquire sufficient knowledge about previous designs, they give themselves a break and clear their minds – the meditation stage. This creates feelings of favorable boredom which is one of the scientifically proven factors of being creative. Eventually, a powerful, bright idea is generated which is so full of inspirations that it helps to create a further set of important ideas. Although the meditation stage might take time, it is a critical stage and therefore cannot be overlooked. Finally, the inspirational ideas are written down on a piece of paper using some systematic techniques of brainstorming. These ideas are frequently visited and revised (as needed) during the design process for better future results for the process. This stems from the fact that the design process is highly iterative. Therefore, inspiration helps to create a set of unique ideas for the design of products.

      Please comment on this article about how to use these ideas for design situations in the real world. For example, while designing gasoline-powered cars or solar powered cars how is idea generation basically applied? Lastly, I was wondering why are there no wind-powered cars or airplanes? Moving at high speeds generates a lot of wind power. Nor have I heard of any news updates that wind powered is used in cars even for serving a minor purpose. Is that true?

      Thanks in advance for sharing your ideas on this issue.
    3. Erich

      Erich Well-Known Member

      Feb 2012
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      Yes its true. Because it doesn't offer any benefit. Regarding wind powered cars or airplanes. The "wind" is created because the prime mover is converting a fuel source into motion. If you try to generate electricity by putting a wind turbine in the air stream you get electricity BUT you have increased the drag on the vehicle and the prime mover has to work harder and burn more fuel to overcome this additional load. The second law of thermodynamics tells us this conversion is not 100% so you end up with less fuel efficiency with the wind generator than if you leave it off.

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