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  • UTC Aerospace Systems Senior Electrical Engineer

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      • Senior Electrical Engineer

        In this role you will:

        • Generate software including the design of the System architecture. These designs will be to Aerospace and FAA requirements.

        • The software integration will be for embedded microprocessor devices.

        • Participate in the integration of software code with associated test hardware.

        • Lead in the design and development of Embedded systems circuitry and printed circuit assemblies. These designs will be to Aerospace and FAA requirements.

        • Lead in generating required process documentation including requirements specifications, design details, test procedures and reports.

        • Prepare and review the drawings and layouts for complex production parts, components, and test equipment

        • Create any necessary test software and the associated SW compliance documentation.


          Education / Certifications:

        • Bachelor’s Degree Electrical Engineering (from an accredited engineering curriculum with a past history of successful product design activities)

        • Years of experience: 3-5 years

          Experience / Qualifications:

        • Experience in the design of electrical hardware with a background in RTCA/DO-160 and RTCA/DO-254 requirements

        • Experience in software development and knowledge of C, C++, Java, Labview, and/or Visual Basic programming languages

        • Experience in software development and knowledge of RTCA/DO-178 requirements

        • Lab test experience with the build of breadboard prototypes, EMI and Power Quality testing, and HALT/HASS

        • An understanding of systems engineering with experience with requirements development and allocation, DOORS experience is preferred

        • Strong communication skills and able to work in a multifunctional team environment

        • Please apply at:


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