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  • Waterproof (Splash proof) Cylinder Enclosure

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by helmi_mjd, Jan 30, 2016.

    1. helmi_mjd

      helmi_mjd New Member

      Jan 2016
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      Hi guys,
      I would like to design a waterproof (or at least splash proof) cylinder enclosure. The enclosure should be easily removed when needed. Now I already have enclosure (a piece of circular acrylic) and a cylinder aluminum. Both have same diameter. My questions are:

      1. How to make it waterproof/splash proof?
      2. Any suitable removable lock design I can use to attached the two pieces?
      or commercially available is acceptable.

      Please give advised. Thank you.
    3. ankurbanthia

      ankurbanthia Member

      Oct 2012
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      Following can be options
      1. There are rubber O rings available in the market. Many companies make customised O rings as per the size of the client.
      2. You can give undercut in one of the cylinders and protrude the edges for the other cylinder. Give a bit of taper to get press-fit. Any fabricator or a lathe operator can be able to do so.
      Hope my replies are OK with you.
      In case of any query please let me know.
      Ankur Banthia

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