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  • Ways to avoid TPE injection molding defects

    Discussion in 'Plastic moulding' started by MIA WANG, Sep 2, 2021.

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      Sep 2021
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      How to avoid TPE injection defects:

        1. During injection molding process, the injection pressure is too high, and the runner and gate are too small, so that silver wires will be produced due to the excessive shearing force when the material passes. The injection pressure should be appropriately reduced, and the size of the runner and gate should be increased.

         2. The mold opening speed is too fast, and the mold opening speed should be slowed down.

        3. Surface wrinkling defects generally occur at the end of the runner when thick-walled products are molded with high-viscosity materials. The solution to this defect is to increase the melt temperature and increase the injection speed.

      4. The mechanical properties of the product are obviously reduced, and the appearance quality is deteriorated. The aging phenomenon can be suppressed to a certain extent by adding stabilizers such as heat resistance and weather resistance, and by adding ultraviolet absorbers and light stabilizers.

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