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  • Webcast: Simpleware S-2021.06 Release: Highlights of New and Improved Features

    Discussion in 'Webinars' started by synopsys_simpleware, Jun 28, 2021.

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      Wed, June 30, 2021 (multiple times)


      Watch this webinar to discover the new features and improvements in Simpleware software version S-2021.06. Learn about our exciting new 3D printing toolkit and improvements that enhance Simpleware's unparalleled ease-of-use and reliability as a comprehensive solution for all your 3D image processing and analysis workflows.

      Topics covered include:
      • 4D image support* - A comprehensive set of 4D features to import, visualize, process, segment, and landmark image data
      • 3D printing toolkit - A toolkit to prepare, analyze, and inspect models from image data ready for 3D printing
      • Enhanced PACS support* - Two-way PACS communication to quickly and effectively manage patient information
      • Improved Split regions tool - An all-new interface to make adding and selecting regions quicker and easier
      • Fiber analysis - New features for centerline generation and material property assignment
      • Speed improvements - Based on our customer feedback, we have improved the speed of our most commonly used tools
      • New user-defined keyboard shortcuts can speed up common or repetitive workflows
      • New background volume includes new masking options so you can render only regions of interest

      * Available in Simpleware ScanIP Medical only

      Who should attend?
      This Synopsys webinar is aimed at new and existing users of Simpleware software. You will see the new tools explained and in action via a quick demo.
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      Nice, looks like my friend which is a Blender user tries this one.

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