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  • Webinar: Introduction of Composite Material Analysis Technology by Integrating Actual Testing and CA

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      Presenters: Koji Yamamoto and Chandima Uyanage, CYBERNET SYSTEMS CO., LTD.

      Since composite materials have high specific strength and specific rigidity, they are expected to contribute to the weight reduction of automobile structures. However, since fiber-based composite materials are anisotropic, the stresses they will be subjected to during use must be examined in advance, and the parts must be carefully designed so that the fibers are oriented in the direction that requires the highest rigidity. In addition, because the materials are expensive, it is important to reduce the number of prototypes as much as possible. CAE is an attractive technology that can solve these problems.

      Therefore, this lecture introduces the latest CAE analysis technology, including Synopsys Simpleware software, focusing on weight reduction design.

      Register here: https://www.shimadzu.com/an/news-events/campaign/automotive/weight_reduction/overview.html

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