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  • Webinar: Introduction of Composite Material Analysis Technology by Integrating Actual Testing and CA

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      October 13th, 2022 - 7am-8am BST/4pm-5pm BST

      In this presentation, we will introduce an example of obtaining highly accurate results for the prediction of material behavior by observing composite microstructures. The workflow involves an X-ray CT system by Shimadzu Corporation, image processing in Synopsys Simpleware software, and numerical material testing using CYBERNET Multiscale.Sim.

      Register here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/rt/204553566873541131?source=EC

      Composite materials have high specific strength and rigidity for helping reduce the weight of automotive structures, but due to fiber-based composite materials being anisotropic, stresses must be examined in advance. Parts must be carefully designed so fibers are oriented in the direction requiring the highest rigidity, while the expense of materials creates a need to reduce prototype iterations as much as possible.

      CAE is an attractive technology that can solve these problems by providing a solution to predict the material behavior of composite materials by virtual material testing using FEM. To improve the simulation model, it is useful to validate it by comparing the results of virtual and actual material tests for the process of modeling a simple material. As part of this analysis, a detailed FE model for heterogeneous microstructure was prepared.

      You will learn about:
      • X-ray CT system and precision testing of materials by Shimadzu Corporation
      • Simpleware image processing software for materials applications
      • How to create microstructure models and Numerical Material Testing with Multiscale.Sim

      Who should attend:
      R&D Engineers, Materials Engineers, and Design Engineers looking to create new materials or optimize existing materials.

      Also anyone with the need to identify material behavior of microstructures.

      • Takashi Murakami - Manager, Shimadzu Corp. New Business Development Group Solutions COE
      • Kerim Genc - Business Development Manager, Synopsys Simpleware Product Group
      • Chandima Uyanage - Global Marketing Specialist, CYBERNET SYSTEMS CO., LTD.
      • Koji Yamamoto - Technology Specialist and Developer, CYBERNET SYSTEMS CO., LTD.

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