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    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by GarethW, Feb 26, 2010.

    1. cwarner7_11

      cwarner7_11 Well-Known Member

      Oct 2009
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      My latest project is the 3D printer I just built. Lots of tweaking and testing so far- great fun. Not likely to be a revenue source any time soon!
      I suspect the major limitation to turning this technology into a popular fad is not going to be the price of the machine, but, rather, the need to have a handle on CAD technologies, for turning ideas into formats that the computer can understand. And, getting a handle on the limitations of what is practical for whatever printer technology one choses, and how to adapt a concept design to something that can be easily printed...
      Of course, the general public COULD simply download someone else's idea from the Internet and never even have to worry about designing anything...
    3. BlightonJMW

      BlightonJMW New Member

      Aug 2012
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      For a "When I don't have any other request to draw" I'm working up an accessory for an underground mine forklift that we're beginning to produce. It's a bucket scoop with an ejector blade that fits on to the forks of our equipment.

      Design Goal: make it strong enough so the miners don't destroy it within a week

      Main Problem: Finding cylinders with enough stroke to fully eject but retracted short enough to not interfere with front wheel or protrude when ejecting material.

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