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  • What is the biggest challenge you faced while studying Engineering?

    Discussion in 'The Leisure Lounge' started by Oilytrunk, Apr 8, 2021.

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      The biggest challenge I faced while studying Engineering is the mindset of my own youth and the youth around me. Studying as well as practicing Engineering requires a lot of dedication and ingenuity. Since I started College of Engineering at a very young age, namely as a teenager like most Engineering students, I was not really fully cognizant and concerned of how I should make full use of the classes I attend, study hard daily, and most important of all select a career path in one/few of the popular subtopics of Engineering I was studying and take up hard, challenging collegiate projects as a foundation and a preparation for a future career. I was not really aware that the workplace would/could not teach new engineering graduates the various engineering principles and how these principles are applied/implemented into various industries as the workplace will only teach the newly hired engineers the mechanism and organization of that specific industry they started to work and then move on to describe them the targets to accomplish, first smaller than larger. How about you? What is your biggest challenge you faced while studying Engineering?

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