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  • Which are the most developing jobs in Saudi Arabia?

    Discussion in 'General jobs discussion' started by vietnam manpower, Aug 17, 2015.

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      With the highest and very much increasing oil revenues all over the Gulf, Saudi Arabia has become the hottest destination for job seekers all around the world. Millions of expats intend on joining the gulf region and driving their careers within this oil rich country. Saudi Arabia with its large population has always been at the top list of drivers of the Middle East recruitment.
      These are 10 of the best career options in Saudi Arabia

      Petroleum Engineer:

      Being rich in Petroleum reserves the need for Petroleum Engineers never seem to diminish. Qualified, well learned professionals are always welcome for their services. Each Petroleum Engineer can earn up to $80,000 per year.
      Business Personnel:

      Arab being mostly consists of business community, the demand for business personnel is always there the more experienced and qualified you are the higher position.
      Medical Personnel:

      Doctors, Nurses, Lady Doctors, Dentists, and Technicians are always required. If you are a certified professional then your chances of getting a job are higher. Sometimes a test or license exam is required but once you clear them it is one of the highest paying jobs on the block. These jobs also include various incentives including spouse visas and health insurance benefits so they may be considered for one of the safest jobs as well.
      Banking Personnel:

      If you are well versed in Islamic banking and have a knack to work in banking sector then you will be glad to find that many international well reputed banks do their business in Saudi Arabia, so banking professionals are always in demand here.
      Information Technology:

      The ever expanding IT Sector likes elsewhere is also one widely recruiting and high salary paying sector. Innovative thinking is widely accepted, respected and expected in this regard.
      Construction Personnel:

      There are some architectural miracles standing there being on top, so with investors backing the architects and construction crews on the most novel and impossible ideas possible, it seems like a dream come true for people with passion and intelligence for this line of work.Construction jobs are required in Saudi Arabia range from masons to builders to workers to architects. Also the safety features are also better incorporated.
      Public Relations:

      Most investing firms like to invest in the most newest and promising ideas available and for all the smooth transition a good PR Department is a necessity hence if you are vocal and like to share and promote what good you see than you might find a place here to easily fit in.

      For all the strange happenings and crazy investments advertising the merchandise requires another type of genius. To sell what has been made is a talent some people are born with hence making it one of the highly paid professional fields.
      Property and Real Estate:

      Many rental estates and apartments are built in the gulf to entice the rich of the world to either become their winter retreat or a hide away from the cameras for the celebrities hence property and real state representatives also make it to this list.

      Teaching Professional both male and female are always in demand in gulf, people who love to teach and keep a quality record and not afraid of hard work usually find the opportunities provided very rewarding.
      On the whole, if a person chooses a career that may be highly paid but is not suited with his interests or personality, he may never feel contented and may find it difficult to excel further and compete with others in that same field.

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