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  • Work in Aerospace or Oil and Gas? France or abroad? (Design office)

    Discussion in 'Mechanical design JOBS' started by P.Scott, Aug 7, 2013.

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      Aug 2013
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      Hi, I'm currently studying aerospace mechanical and production engineering in Toulouse (FRANCE). I'm doing a DUT and Licence Pro which is the equivalent of Btech. My school is specialised in aerospace but some people end up going into other mechanical engineering sectors after school.
      I would like to starting a company one day. The only problem, it costs a lot and I will need a well payed job before then to save up.
      After school I will be able to work for an aerospace company like Airbus or ATR. But in France, salaries aren't exceptional for a technical superintendent compared to other countries like the United States, Canada, etc...
      You often hear of the guys on the rigs who get really good cash for the risks they take offshore. But being in the design office, does oil and gas offer more than aerospace, automobile or other equivalent sectors?
      Does anyone know of some interesting companies who design mech. systems for rigs in Canada, South Africa?

      Your help would be very much appreciated

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