Best Fusion 360 Features for Remote Working

  • Fusion 360 has some great features to make working from home a lot easier
  • It has powerful cloud compatibility, which allows collaboration and marking up drawings much easier
  • Fusion 360 is flexible and can be used from anywhere, using any device
  • Support for the program is everywhere with tutorials, webinars and live streams always being available

Working from home can be hard. Especially in the current state of the world, frustrating barriers can be encountered when trying to replicate your productivity in the comfort of your own home. Programs like Fusion 360 have purposefully been created in a way that makes working from anywhere, not just at home, more convenient. They have certain features that will definitely make your life easier during these trying times and we would love to share them with you. We hope you enjoy the best Fusion 360 features for remote working:

Cloud Compatibility

Since we are now in 2021 (thankfully), we can assume that the majority of people are familiar with cloud technology and how it works. You save your information to the “cloud”, and can access it anywhere, along with a whole host of bonus features that can help productivity. The biggest problem that professionals working from home are having is accessing and making adjustments to data that is primarily stored in their physical offices. We will break down cloud working and how people can access the data stored in this centralized storage system.fusion 360 great for working from home

Collaborating with Colleagues, Team Members etc.

With data stored in the cloud, sharing and collaborating with team members that you are working on projects with is so easy. Similarly, sharing data to work colleagues and anyone you need to share data to is possible. Thankfully, this can all be done through Fusion 360.

With CAD data stored in the Fusion 360 cloud, there is one location to get the relevant files that one should require. Not one person, which is the case in many companies and that person is tasked to distribute and keep all data organized and safe. No more emailing sensitive or large files! Fusion 360 Team runs in the cloud itself, which means there will be no program updates necessary to ensure access or any compatibility issues. Team members need to just install it and get on with their working day. This is great for sharing screenshots or views of design to other team members that may not have the CAD savvy to view the models themselves.

Marking Up and Revising Drawings

Everyone that works in a professional environment is involved in one of “them” email chains that contain 15+ people and the back-and-forth does not stop for weeks on end. Nothing is more frustrating than searching back through email chains looking for information and seeing people organizing site visits, coffee meetings etc. Fortunately Fusion 360 has an answer for that!

Marking Up and Revising Drawings in Fusion 360
Source: Autodesk

Keeping track of markups, revisions and change requests has never been easier as Fusion 360 keeps track of all changes in product. It doesn’t matter whether you are working on the back-end or in the model directly, everything is kept track of and work can be continued smoothly. You can even let your team know if you are working late or have a different schedule directly through Fusion 360, no zoom, email chain or even phone call is required.

Moving away from cloud functionality, there are many other benefits to using Fusion 360 as your team’s solution to working from home. Fusion 360 can cater to so many different fields in engineering and otherwise, like machinists, electrical engineers, designers, simulations experts, et. It provides a singular place where everyone can expect to find what they are looking for, there is no need to find various programs to fulfill every need. Fusion 360 does it all. This gives people more time to focus on what is important right now.

Technical Support – When and How?

So you have chosen Fusion 360 to save you and streamline your workflow so productivity does not slow down while everyone is working from home. Great! However, no matter how much of a computer genius you may be, there is always a learning curve when using a brand-new program. The whole team may be getting used to this new system, and what happens when one runs into a problem? Do they call their superior at 12am (because that is when the baby has FINALLY went to sleep) and ask for help? I hope not! To help with the learning process, there are many YouTube tutorials to be found, webinars that are run and live streams that help to teach how to use Fusion 360 to its fullest extent. This, along with global live support from Autodesk, means any problem that is encountered can be solved as fast as possible.

Cloud Processing – How Does That Help?

Save time by using cloud processing to handle that rendering or simulation that you are working on for you. This will allow you to work on something else, or take care of your kids or house!

Source: Pexels

Working from home is not an ideal situation to be in, and there are some that love it, and some that despise it. Why not control some aspect of your at home life and streamline it with Fusion 360? Carry out your engineering tasks, design workflow and administrative tasks in one program and lets try to make working from home into a positive and use this situation we have found ourselves in to optimize and streamline our entire workflows.

Will you be picking up Fusion 360 to use for working from home? Do you have any experience with Fusion 360 that you think would be helpful to this article? We would love to hear your feedback in the comments section below. We hope you are well, keeping safe and we will see you soon!

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