Maya vs Blender: Feature by Feature Comparison (2022)

  • Maya is a more refined paid option, whereas Blender is a free open source program
  • Blender is more difficult to learn due to its open-source nature
  • Maya has more tools and assets, but is much more expensive than Blender
  • Blender is a totally free program

Maya vs Blender detailed comparison is required to determine which one you will use for your graphic design needs. If you are looking for the best 3D graphic design program you will definitely have come across both Maya and Blender. That is where EngineeringClicks comes in. We will go through the differences and similarities between both programs, to ensure that you can make the most informed decision possible. Let’s get into it!


Autodesk Maya (also known as Maya) is a paid application 3D software program that comes in at $205 a month (at least). It is typically used for graphic design and can be utilized to create a wide array of 3D applications, including animated films, video games, enhanced visualizations, television shows, and many other items. Maya can be downloaded on all popular OS (Operating Systems).

Maya vs Blender: Maya interface screenshot
Maya interface. Source: Autodesk


Blender, on the other hand, is a completely free, open source, 3D design software that also features a programming tool-set. It can be used to create enhanced visualizations, animation pictures, three-dimensional models, and video games. It can be used on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.

Maya vs Blender: Blender interface screenshot
Blender interface. Source: Wikipedia

Both of these are obviously quite similar when it comes to what you can produce. However Blender is most definitely the program that has the wider use cases, as it is open-source and is constantly being upgraded over time. This is considered an advantage, however it can make it vague for users and it does not give a clear direction in which the program should be used. This makes it a little bit more difficult to use than Maya. Maya is focused on one task and completes it to a high level.

Maya vs Blender: Feature by Feature comparison


Where animation is considered, both options will not disappoint. However Maya is the clear winner here as it has more apparatuses and generally more assets. It is a more robust program in general and it supports more tools, and is easier to use than Blender, all of which give it the edge as the better program for animation.

However, it is important to note that all of this functionality comes at a price, as Maya is a paid option and Blender is free. Something also worth noting is that there are workarounds that Blender supports that gives you a lot of the functionality that Maya does.

User Interface

As far as user interface goes, Maya, as mentioned above, has quite an easy-to-use user interface. Functions are well placed throughout the program and the dashboard is relatively easy to understand. It is perfect for a beginner or novice with no experience to begin their 3D design journey with.

Blender’s user interface is a little more complex than Maya’s. As it is free and open-source, it is to be expected that it is a little more difficult to get accustomed to. However there is a dedicated community that is focused on solving any problem there is with the software and to help new users almond their 3D journey.


Blender is the clear winner in the cost department, in this battle of programming. It is legally authorized and is totally open for everyone to use. This means it is free. Totally free. No cost.

Maya however will set you back around $1,620 dollars a year, or $4,735 for every three years if you go for the 3D bundle. There is a free form of Maya available if you are an understudy.

Target Group

When considering the target group of both programs, it is pretty equal for both programs. What your specific requirements will determine which option you choose here. Consider costs and network support here also.

Maya is naturally suited to larger organisations that need a more refined product and can easily absorb the cost of the software. It will give 3D experts the tools they need to really make their world stand out, which is what experts want to do, right?

Blender on the other hand, is an incredible tool to get for free, and for those who are completing small projects or just playing around with the software for fun, it will do an amazing job. While it may take a little longer to get used to the software, it is free, so stop complaining!


Maya is the clear winner here, possessing way more apparatuses that can be used for sending out, demonstrating, activity, rendering, gear, and advancement.

Not to be outdone, Blender also has revamped its 3D planning devices, which makes it much simpler to plan out 2D and 3D objects and devices. This makes it easier for novices who have no 3D experience to start out.

We hope you founds this Maya vs Blender comaprison useful, check out our other design software article below!

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