McLaren Sheffield Technology Centre: Jobs and Graduate Scheme (COVID update)

McLaren Sheffield Technology Centre
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While the original McLaren Technology Centre is based at the company’s head office in Woking, Surrey, we have seen recent expansion into Sheffield. Even though McLaren is heavily associated with F1, many people fail to realise that the group is a leading light in the world of cutting edge technology which includes composites. As a consequence, this has created numerous jobs/careers for those who embrace innovation and are able to work on their own or as part of a wider team. So, what does the original McLaren Technology Centre and the new McLaren Composites Technology Centre have to offer?

McLaren Technology Centre in Sheffield

Construction of the McLaren Technology Centre began in 1998 and finished in 2010. Since then we have seen numerous extensions and additional buildings added to the complex. In 2018 we saw the official opening of the McLaren Composites Technology Centre with the McLaren Sheffield address now synonymous with an extremely high quality graduate scheme.

McLarenTechnology Centre, Sheffield address

Unit 3 Selden Wy., Catcliffe, Sheffield S60 5XA

The introduction of the McLaren Composites Technology Centre was encouraged by the nearby award-winning Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre – based at the University of Sheffield. It is not difficult to see how the two operations will complement each with regards to McLaren Sheffield careers and long-term employment prospects. The modern day university, especially with engineering and graduate courses, is now more closely associated with commerce than ever before.

Since the McLaren Composites Technology Centre was opened, the company has gone from strength to strength. A world leader in lightweight materials technology this is a group which goes way beyond its original automotive roots. Unfortunately, since the onset of the COVID pandemic, MacLaren, had to cut workforce. It’s been announced in May 2020, that MacLaren will lay off 1,200 people.

So, what are the job prospects for those looking to become part of the McLaren graduation scheme?

A career with McLaren

There are numerous opportunities for a career with McLaren Group with three very distinct divisions which are:-

  • McLaren Racing
  • McLaren Automotive
  • McLaren Applied

It is more the McLaren Automotive and McLaren Applied operations that traditionally offer access to graduate programs in the world of cutting-edge technology. While the racing division is for many the key, in many ways this is just the icing on the cake. McLaren Automotive and McLaren Applied lead the way in new technologies including:-

  • Transport
  • Automotive
  • Motorsport
  • Public transport
  • Health

This is a company which within just a matter of days was able to create some of the most robust and technologically advanced ventilators in the fight against Covid-19. While these were unprecedented times leading to unprecedented actions, this perfectly illustrates the flexibility and the world leading technology associated with McLaren Group. Second best is not an option!


Even during the lockdown, there were 1-3 jobs regularly advertised for McLaren Sheffield location, showing that even in these difficult times, there is demand for technically skilled staff.

McLaren graduate scheme

The McLaren graduate scheme offers a whole range of different career opportunities taking in engineering, design, finance, information technology, project managing and marketing. The ability to switch between different settings gives successful graduates a more rounded understanding of the group’s operations. As well as the graduate training programme the company also provides:-

  • Apprentice programs
  • Internships
  • Placements

While there are many technology/engineering based graduate schemes in the UK, this scheme offers you the opportunity to work with some of the leaders in niche technology fields at the famous McLaren factory. The company has invested serious time, money and effort into the graduate scheme. It is actively seeking the crème de la crème of the graduate program for a long-term career with the company, a company which is certain expanding and going places. Often referred to as STEM, what better place to seek a career in science, technology, engineering or mathematics?


The scheme is open! The latest intake happened at the end of 2020. Those selected will start at McLaren in September 2021. To apply for McLaren Graduate scheme you will need:

  • An Engineering related degree – 2:1+ or equivalent
  • Be eligible to work in the UK

For more information you can email McLaren directly at [email protected].

The future of McLaren Group

There is no doubt that the F1 division attracts huge exposure and a means of testing the latest automotive technology but there is more to the group than just F1. The company is forward thinking, tech-based and offers one of the most comprehensive graduate schemes in the UK today. The recent expansion into Sheffield has opened up the opportunity to work with the University of Sheffield. This is extremely beneficial to both parties and will further enhance the city’s growing reputation as a source of engineering based graduate opportunities.


While best known for its F1/automotive division, there is much more to McLaren Group – this is no one trick pony. The opportunity for graduates to work and mix with the best in their fields, using the latest technology and ground breaking ideas is priceless. The company has already helped to train some of the best engineers in the UK today and more graduates will follow, as sure as night follows day.

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