Mechanical Engineering Games: Fun for Engineers!

  • Playing games can benefit mechanical engineers in many ways
  • Complex engineering games can be used as an alternative way of learning
  • Games played during downtime can be beneficial to engineers
  • Puzzle and physics-based games are the most relatable to mechanical engineers

Mechanical Engineering Games are somewhat rate, however, there are plently of games that can be used by mechanical engineers as an alternative way to learn, and as a way to let off some steam in between projects, classes or anything else they may be working on.

We have included the games that have engineering concepts as a main feature or the story/gameplay is directly inspired by engineering. Some of the links between the games and engineering may be debatable by some, but you will not be disappointed by the game playing experience!

The list of the top 12 mechanical engineering games below is in no particular order, and is not the only resource you need for mechanical engineering-influenced games. However it will give you a place to start if you would like to get involved in this area of digital games. Read on and enjoy!

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Educational Mechanical Engineering Games

Truss Me

Designed by real rocket scientists, Truss Me helps engineers to learn how to develop truss structures in a fun way. Within each level, the lighter and stronger that your design is, the more golden nuts you will earn!

It uses modern mechanical, civil and aerospace simulation techniques to give a very realistic visualization of the behaviour of the trusses in your design. This is a must-have game for engineers!

It also features dynamic problems, with the user having the ability to build roofs, cranes and bridges to create problems for spacecraft crashing to the ground.

Truss me game screenshot
Source: Amazon.com

Gear Logic Puzzle

Gear Logic Puzzle is exactly what its name suggests, it is a logical game featuring puzzles about gear mechanics. The rules are quite simple and easy to follow, but you will also need to use your head as imagination and creativity are needed to be successful. This one is a great stress reliever, while also stimulating your engineering mind.

You can move through the default levels or create your own level. The goal is to connect all of the red gears together in order for them to spin. There is no time limit on the game and it is also available offline. The light gears are the only ones that are able to be moved.

Machinery – Physics Puzzle

Classical mechanics, here we go! You will need your brain to be full of ingenuity and creativity for this one. Machinery is a game that heavily involves physics, and there is no one solution for passing any level. The user (you) is challenged to find their own solution to the level, so your problem solving skills will be tested here.

This physics-based classical puzzle has only two shapes featured in it – a circle and a rectangle. As simple as it sounds, the ability to scale, rotate and combine these shapes together creates a world of possibilities and any mechanism imaginable can be made. The first levels will teach you the basic concepts of the game, the later levels will require you build machines of some sort, for example a car, in order to pass the level. Hinges and motors are also needed towards the end of the game.

Engineer: Cars

Engineers that love cars, this is one for you! Engineer: Cars is a puzzle game based around optical illusion and perspective. It features 73 car puzzles of many models like Audi, Ferrari, Toyota, Honda, BMW, Cadillac, Bugatii, Mercedes, Ford, Lamborghini and many more models.

Some of the specific models featured in this great game are:

Source: Google Play Store
  • BMW M6 from 2006, BMW 7 Series from 2009, BMW X6 M from 2009 plus more…
  • Ferrari 360 Spider from 2003, Ferrari 360 Modena from 2001, Ferrari 575 M from 2003 and Ferrari FXX from 2005
  • Lamborghini Gallardo from 2006 and Lamborghini Reventon from 2008
  • Mercedes Benz SL Class from 2009, Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate from 2009, Mercedes-Benz-S-Class from 2010, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG from 2011
  • Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet from 2007, Porsche Cayman S from 2006
  • Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe from 2009

Bridge Construction Simulator

This realistic and detailed simulator is designed for those who love challenges, and you will need all of your engineering skills and intuition to solve these bridge puzzles. You play the role of the constructor and oversee all tasks and are expected to improve your design as it progresses.

You will need to take into account many things, such as the weight of cars crossing the bridges etc. You will have to improve your skills and become the best bridge builder you can in a short space of time as the levels get harder quickly. There is no time limit and this allows you to be careful and thoughtful with your design changes.

You will progress from easy bridges in cities to much harder ones in the canyons and mountains. The fate of the people crossing the bridges are in your hands, you will see the bend and stretch of the bridge when cars are driving across it.

The Incredible Machine

The Incredible Machine is an original Rube Goldberg puzzle game. It allows the players to utilize many tools, machines and other items to find the solutions to simple puzzles, in complicated ways. It is now a couple of decades since it was created, and it has absolutely stood the test of time and it is still very relevant.

The graphics are quite cartoonish and the puzzles are simplistic, which makes it suitable for either beginners or children. It is available as “abandonware” online and can be played on most internet browsers through emulation.

Mechanical Engineering Games for Fun


mechanical-engineering-games-minecraftOne of the most popular games in the world and definitely another classic. Minecraft is a combination of a survival simulator and a lego simulator. You break objects in the virtual world, collect the pieces which are then used to build your tools and create structures to provide shelter in the creepy digital world you are in.

This is a great game for everyone but engineers will definitely enjoy it as much if not more than others. It boosts creativity through the building of tools and structures, even functional computers can be made! This is a great example of a simple game that has complex possibilities.

Fallout 4

mechanical-engineering-games-falloutSet in a post-apocalyptic alternative world, Fallout 4 and the Fallout Series are some of the most popular games of all time. It features dark comedy, 1950’s people, buildings and vehicles. The aim of the game is to settle in an area and build towns, settlements and factories. The player will have to explore the world to collect scrap metal and materials to build pumps, machinery, defense systems, conveyor belts, power generators, switches and many more.

Similar to minecraft, there has been an addition in recent times of switches and logic gates that allow you to make reasonably complex settlements. This is a very time consuming game so warning, play at your own risk!


Factorio puts the engineer in the role of someone who has been stranded on a planet full of resources. The goal is to develop and build the infrastructure and technology of the planet in order to make a rocket that will bring you away from the planet. This is not as simple as it may seem as there are other inhabitants on the island, monsters that will try to foil every plan that you will make.

The storyline is not too complicated with this game, however it does dive quite deeply into factory layouts, and management of resources and strategy prove to be vital for success. Defenses against monsters are also important, and it requires consistent management to keep everything working consistently. If you love being organized and strategy is what you are good at, this is the game for you!

Source: Factorio


This is an amazing physics-based game set in medieval times, where the goal is to lay siege to your enemies armies, castles and to recover vital materials and navigate through the world. Some challenges are quite simple to accomplish, but the secret to being successful in this game is your ability to scale your offenses and defenses within your campaign.

Besiege also has a great gaming community with it that has forums that discuss various strategies, and new challenges are constantly being added and shared between players, so gamers are kept on their toes.


Source: Wikipedia

Portal is a futuristic puzzle game that challenges players to find their way through test chambers that are linked together in a building of company Aperture Science. These “testing chambers” enable the user to create portals (hence the name) to transport them from one chamber to another. Momentum plays a huge part in this game as the user must create portals in certain positions that will allow momentum to carry them to correct positions.

Within the game, an AI called GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System) is befriended, who controls the Aperture Science center. Working with GLaDOS’s commands and instructions (that don’t always benefit the player), the player must try to find a way to the end of the game.


Tetris is one of the most well known games in the world. It is a classic puzzle game that keeps your mind active and sharp. It might appear like a very simple game, but the speed with which it makes you make decisions, it is deceptively difficult. Quick thinking is the name of the game here.


Hesitate, and your screen will fill up with blocks, and it’s game over. As more time passes, the game speeds up and therefore increases the difficulty level. Tetris is easy to pick up and start playing, and while it is specifically designed for engineers, it is more than enough to get your creativity flowing and mechanical gears in the mind moving.

If you didn’t know that mechanical engineering games could play such a vital role in an engineer’s life, now you know! These addictive games can really engage an engineer’s mind in a fun and non-taxing way. There are many more games than mentioned above that can be of use to engineer, you just have to look for them. They also do not have to be just for mechanical engineering, there games that cover electrical, chemical, civil, construction, automotive and physics.

So put down your textbook and try your hand at a mechanical engineering game, why not!? If you have some amazing games that you think are suitable for engineers, please let us know with a comment down below and we will be sure to include them in our list. Thanks for reading!



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