Fed up with modeling parts from scratch? Use a CAD library

  • Free CAD libraries are best described as open source, bringing together cumulative knowledge
  • CAD libraries help to avoid wasting time recreating mechanical parts which are commonly used, increasing speed and efficiency for mechanical design engineers
  • A good CAD library will contain tens of thousands of parts that can be downloaded in multiple file formats
cad library
The vast majority of CAD libraries will be organised by part type and are easy to browse

Computer Aided Design is an integral part of the engineering industry, improving efficiency and reducing project timescales. The ability to create and test products in theory before moving on to production is invaluable. There are now a growing number of online CAD libraries which are collections of parts and assemblies which are ready for you to download and reuse.

What is a CAD library?

A CAD library is typically a repository of 3D files that can be downloaded for re-use by a third party, thus eliminating the need to laboriously re-create them from scratch. Once the files have been downloaded to your CAD system you will be able to edit and save them as you would with your own work.

CAD libraries usually contains the following:

  • Standard machine components
  • Detailed CAD drawings
  • Prebuilt components
  • Certified supplier CAD models
  • Peer CAD models
  • Sheet metal punch and forming tools

The vast majority of libraries will be organised by part type so that you can simply browse for the model you need quickly and download it. The fact that the base solid modelling work has already been done for you is extremely valuable. This allows CAD engineers to tweak various elements, build assemblies, test them in theory and then go on to test them in practice.

CAD library
Download anything from a humble nut and bolt to a crowd control barrier or a pressure relief valve!

CAD library advantages

The way in which CAD libraries bring together cumulative knowledge and experience is invaluable. The time savings are immense, the efficiency improvements are off the scale and the growing knowledge base is extremely powerful. Some of the major benefits of using a CAD libraries include:

  • Saving time by re-using existing data
  • Incorporate a number of CAD files into your own project quickly and easily
  • Use an existing file as a basis for your own version or improvement
  • Inspiration – perhaps a different strategy for your project?
  • Free CAD file libraries are similar to open source code allowing you to benefit from cumulative knowledge

Everyone has their tricks, but we have found a much more effective way of helping designers and engineers save valuable time: the TraceParts CAD file libraryThanks to our library (which contains over 100,000,000 parts in over 60 different formats), you can download standard off-the-shelf parts. The library contains over 100 million parts.

To top it all, you can access and download the 3D files for free! To download, simply register on the following page: https://www.traceparts.com/en/sign-up



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