PanelView graphic terminals for the engineering sector

  • The need for robust/reliable graphic terminals in often remote and challenging environments has been well documented by the engineering sector.
  • The gradual long-term updating and improvement of the PanelView Graphic Terminals range has been well received by engineers.
  • Flexible, remote access options, ever-growing memory capacity as well as inbuilt software help PanelView Graphic Terminals stand out a mile.

PanelView graphic terminals are becoming ever more visible in the world of engineering and it is not difficult to see why. Part of the larger Rockwell Automation Group the Allen-Bradley company provides a very valuable and much sought after service to the sector. Many people automatically assume that engineers are most at home in a nice warm office when this is most certainly not the case. There are many different areas of the engineering industry and many of these see individuals and groups of workers in quite difficult working environments.

In these difficult environments it can be challenging to find terminals and computers which are reliable. Thankfully, the PanelView graphics terminals are able to cover all requirements.

PanelView display terminals

Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley Group

Described as “the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information” the Rockwell Automation Company seems to have all bases covered. The flagship Allen-Bradley Group brand is now synonymous with the engineering sector offering an array of robust and reliable graphic terminals in the shape of the PanelView brand.

PanelView graphic terminals

As you might expect, there are a number of members of the PanelView brand portfolio which include:-

PanelView 5500PanelView 5500 Graphic Terminals

PanelView 5500 Graphic Terminals offer everything that the modern day engineer requires. The Studio 5000 View Designer software is integrated with a Logix processing system to give a visual and programming masterclass. Engineers have the ability to enter configuration information just once and this can be replicated across the entire design process. Scalable vector graphics, preconfigured diagnostic systems and HMI buttons are just some of the elements to these much sought-after graphic terminals.

The graphic terminals come in sizes from 7 inches to 19 inches with widescreen, touch or keypad options. Users can create their own custom reusable add-on graphics to build applications as well as sharing tags, alarms and other data. The robustness and the reliability are perfect for engineers working in some of the more challenging environments of the day.

PanelViewPlus_family_front1--large_312w255hPanelView Plus 7 Graphic Terminals

Available in standard and enhanced performance versions the PanelView Plus 7 Graphic Terminal comes in sizes from 4 inches up to 19 inches with widescreen option. These particular graphic terminals has Ethernet connectivity enabling remote access to applications for monitoring purposes. The FactoryTalk View Machine Edition is available to simplify the application configuration process and arrive at the desired Integrated Architecture solution.

This particular terminal uses Windows CE 6.0 standard features with 18 bit colour graphics and a TFT LCD display. Regularly used in remote locations there are emailing and texting notification capabilities with 512 MB of RAM and an additional 512 MB of nonvolatile memory. The standard version accommodates up to 25 displays and 200 alarm messages via Ethernet connection. The performance version comes with video playback options together with Ethernet ports supporting DLR, linear or star network topologies.

PanelView Plus 6PanelView Plus 6 Graphic Terminals

In the world of engineering cold hard data is king but the PanelView Plus 6 Graphic Terminal offers the ability to create an optimal visual display of all data. Encompassing the open platform flexibility of the Windows operating system with FactoryTalk View Studio Machine Edition software makes programming these graphic terminals very easy.

The general features of the Plus 6 Graphic Terminals include processing speed of up to 1 GHz, screen transition which is 70% faster than normal and an increased memory base. Flash storage, easier connectivity to peripheral printers, keyboards and mice should not be underestimated. Integration with third-party software such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office Viewers together with remote connectivity and backup restore also enhance this product.

PanelView Plus 6

PanelView Plus 6 Compact Graphic Terminals

PanelView Plus 6 Compact Graphic Terminals offer enhanced graphic capabilities allowing you to monitor, control and display any application status. Available in sizes from 4 inches to 6 inch displays the PanelView Plus 6 uses the Windows operating system with other programmable elements such as FactoryTalk View Studio Machine Edition software.

This particular graphic terminal has enhanced processor speed up to 1 GHz, improved screen transition rate, expanded memory capacity and flash storage capabilities. With a reputation for providing what the engineering market demands, this product supports remote connectivity via VNC, FTP and FactoryTalk Viewpoint. A significant improvement on earlier versions of the PanelView graphic terminal it has proven to be extremely popular.

PanelView 800PanelView 800 Graphic Terminals

The PanelView 800 Graphic Terminal offers dynamic memory, built-in Ethernet connection, high-resolution display, 800 MHz CPU processors and is available in display sizes between 4 inches and 10 inches. This particular model comes with a panel mount display offering keypad or touchscreen control options which are useful for different environments. While one of the earlier versions of the PanelView graphic terminal it is not difficult to see why it was popular with engineers.

There is some useful flexibility with the 800 Graphic Terminal option including the landscape/portrait display option, high-performance CPU with 128 MB/250 MB memory and compatibility with Micro800 and MicroLogix controllers. USB host port and microSD file transfer options are very useful with the ability to upload and download groups of data/parameter settings at any time.

PanelView ComponentPanelView Component Graphic Terminals

PanelView Component Graphic Terminals are panel mount display devices which can be operated with a keypad or touchscreen. The built-in design software is extremely useful and ensures that no further software installations are required. The terminal itself has a number of inbuilt communication ports supporting various networks and comes with either colour/monochrome display.

While this particular model was discontinued on 31 January 2016 it certainly played its role in the evolution of the PanelView Graphic Terminal brand. Rockwell Automation is advising all customers to migrate to the PanelView 800 Graphic Terminal as soon as possible. The two models have similar functionality although higher processing speeds, greater memory capacity and improved screen resolution make the PanelView 800 Graphic Terminal a more than worthy replacement.

PanelView Graphic Terminals proving invaluable

As you can see from our brief review of the various PanelView Graphic Terminals produced these products certainly fill a gap in the marketplace. Constantly improved processing speeds, enhanced memory capability, more detailed visual display options as well as pre-installed software and remote monitoring opportunities cover all bases. Integral to the daily lives of many engineers off site and in remote areas it is not difficult to see why PanelView has a much sought-after reputation.



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