Revit 2019 – latest pricing and review

Revit is multipurpose Building Information Modelling (BIM) software created for architectural, structural engineering, construction, landscape and MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering) designs. Currently, it’s one of the most powerful BIM software solutions available and is created by Autodesk.

The software enables users to design 3D components of a building or structure while annotating with elements of a 2D draft. It also features 4D BIM tools which allow users to track the chronological progress of a project, and to visualise the duration of each stage of a structure’s life cycle.

Since 2013, when it released the first all-in-one version, Autodesk has continued to release upgraded versions of the software annually. The latest is Revit 2019 and it was released in April, 2018. This pricing and review article will let you see what to expect from Revit 2019 as well as the costs involved.

Revit 2019

The 2019 version comes with a lot of improvements and additions, and it has also removed some less popular features. The upgraded features include:

Design options

Among other key features is the Revit design option. This is used to consider design alternatives in a building model. For example, design options can be used to develop, evaluate and redesign different entry door styles in a particular building model. A design option set can also be created in order to provide a collection of possible solutions to a design problem. This is similar to having a set of hats that can be sampled one by one until the right fit for the current outfit is found.

System requirements

Like its predecessors, the 2019 version is only compatible with the Windows operating system. Based on the intensity and complexity of use, there are three different sets of basic requirements for running Revit on windows. Sadly, an Autodesk version of Revit for Mac users is still unavailable. However the following ways can be used to fix this if Mac is what you’re accustomed to:

Revit price and costing

The procurement of Revit 2019 is by licence subscription. The Revit cost varies across different packages and chosen subscription period. There is the regular package which comes with complete software, and the collection package which comes together with other CAD software in addition. There is also is a restricted free version for students.

Where to get Revit 2019?

Revit can be purchased directly through the Autodesk website or an authorised reseller. There are plenty of resellers around, and you can locate a reseller in your local area here.

Revit city

Revit city is an online community/forum for idea sharing, discussions, content sharing, news articles, resources, information, job searches and everything else associated with the software. The site even has a directory of other related sites, and users can access the site’s content for free. If you want to ask questions though, you need to become a member to contribute.