Selecting your certified Solidworks reseller in the UK

  • There are several certified Solidworks resellers in the UK.
  • See them on a map to select the closest to you. You will want to attend customer traninings and presentations.
  • Decide if the company suits your needs, based on it's size and the choice of products and services it offers.
  • Get their contact details to find out more and to get a quote.

When you finally made your choice between different CAD softwares, and settled on Solidworks, you need to consider which reseller you are going to choose. This is not an easy decision as depending on your requirements, some resellers may be more suitable or completely unsuitable due to variations in their offerings.

There are several certified Solidworks resellers in the UK. It’s best to select a reseller located closer to you because they often hold trainings and exciting new product launches that you wouldn’t want to miss. Here’s a map showing all Solidworks resellers in the UK.

All Solidworks resellers in the UK on a map


UK Solidworks resellers

UK Solidworks resellers’ profiles

Everyone has their unique requirements when selecting a reseller. A contractor might prefer a seller offering a personal, customer-focused relationship. A large company employing a team of designers may prefer to go with a larger provider offering a multitude of services ready to address any question or need quickly. Let’s look at each and every certified Solidworks reseller to get a basic idea about their differences.


CCSL was established in 1989 and currently has over 300 customers. They offer a wide selection of Solidworks products. About 2-3 times a year CCSL holds various events across Wales and the North West of England. For instance, in 2019 they held events focusing on 3D Experience and Data Management. The company has around 45 employees.


Hardsoft Ltd. was launched in 1983 near London and is now 49 employees strong. The company is a well-known computer leasing provider and is partnered with the likes of HP, Lenovo, Apple and Microsoft. They have become a Solidworks reseller recently. They offer all Solidworks  products coupled with various finance solutions.

Innova Systems

Cambridge-based Innova Systems was established in 2002 and currently has over 1,000 customers. The company is relatively small with only 18 employees. In spite of this, they have recently won several Solidworks North Europe customer satisfaction awards. They offer 10 different training courses including Composer, Simulation, Sheet Metal Design and Product Data Management (PDM) among others.

Solid Applications

Solid Applications Ltd established in 1998 is based near Birmingham and has 13 employees. The company serves hundreds of customers and specialises in 3D CAD and data management solutions. They offer around 20 Solidworks training courses and Web support.

Solid People

Established in 2009, Solid People are a dedicated team made up of qualified engineers focused on helping mechanical engineers deliver CAD projects. Solid People deliver affordable and flexible solutions for SolidWorks recruitment, software, training, and consultancy services. They supply SolidWorks via monthly pricing models and all their SolidWorks training courses can be viewed and booked online. In addition, for companies needing to grow their design team Solid People can help through their established SolidWorks recruitment business.

Solid Solutions Management

Solid Solutions Management Ltd. (est. 1998) recently became the largest reseller in the UK thanks to a recent three companies merger. It has 230 employees and over 15,000 customers. The company provides an extensive choice of Solidworks trainings (in excess of 1,200 per year) throughout its 20 offices scattered across the UK. The company also has 3 offices in Ireland.


Scotland-based TMS CADCentre was founded in 1981 and currently has 39 employees. The company offers a wide choice of business software including 3D mechanical design software; architectural design software; Finance, CRM and Payroll software, along with the managed IT services. They hold 3 Solidworks training courses per month on average.

Full list of Solidworks UK resellers with contact details

Reseller Location Website Telephone Number of employees*
CCSL Deeside


www.ccsl-cad.co.uk 01244289350 45
Hardsoft Ltd. Sawbridgeworth

CM21 9AE

www.hardsoftcomputers.co.uk 02071111643 49
Innova Systems Cambridge

CB24 9PT

www.innova-systems.co.uk 01223200699 18
Solid Applications Ltd Oldbury

B69 4DH

www.solidapps.co.uk 01215441400 13
Solid People Newark

NG24 4TS

www.solidpeople.co.uk 01727 809329 10
Solid Solutions Management Ltd Kenilworth


www.solidsolutions.co.uk 01926333777 230
TMS CADCentre Larbert


www.tms-scotland.co.uk 01324550760 39




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