What is StruCalc design software? A brief overview

  • StruCalc has been developed and enhanced since 1993 creating the ultimate in structural analysis software
  • The StruCalc software package was created by engineers for engineers.
  • The ability to tweak designs, change materials and test, test and test again, all in the virtual world, is worth its weight in gold

strucalcStruCalc was originally created as an in-house software package exclusively for StruCalc engineers back in 1993. This package has now taken on a life of its own and is widely used within the design engineering sector. One of the main advantages of the StruCalc structural analysis software tool is its simplicity. The ability to stress test an array of different supporting mechanisms and different materials is priceless both in terms of money and time.

Computer-aided design in the shape of StruCalc

We all know that more and more design engineering work takes place in the virtual world. Computer-aided design software is now readily available and a vital tool for any engineer. While this particular package was first introduced back in 1993 the StruCalc structural analysis software is regularly used by:-

• Architects
• Engineers
• Home designers
• Private homeowners renovating or rebuilding property
• Building officials

The StruCalc package available today creates a very easy to read but in depth report. This includes 11 separate design modules, four diagrams and a one-page summary giving all the information you require. All you need is the load level acting on a particular support beam and the type of material used to build the beam.

StruCalc screenshot
Screenshot of the StruCalc software

Design engineering specifications

One of the great advantages of the StruCalc product is its simplicity but like so many “simple to use” services the devil is in the detail. The software package contains information on many different materials (including wood, steel and an array of manufactured lumber) and is able to calculate the suitability of different design structures. These include:-

• Floor beams
• Square, round, rectangular and continuous footings
• Roof beams
• Floor beams
• Multi loaded multi span beams
• Floor joists
• Rafters
• Columns
• Collar ties

There is no doubt that the software package we see today is very different to that seen in 1993 but then again the design engineering sector has moved on in leaps and bounds. The ability to download computer-aided design software which can also analyse structure stability is vital in the modern day world. Over the years we have seen a number of disasters caused by simple design flaws which would never get past the software packages of today.

Test, test and test again

In days gone by prototypes were required to test the safety and reliability of various structures. The StruCalc design engineering software package not only gives you a visual image but also allows you to tweak and change various elements. Each minute change in the structural design of a support beam for example would result in different loads on different areas. Finding the perfect tipping point where the structure is solid, safe and reliable takes but a fraction of the time using computer-aided design software. No more manual calculations, endless manual design tweaks and a significant reduction in human error certainly enhance the value of this package.

The fact that the StruCalc software program has its origins back in 1993 reflects the significant developments over the years. New regulations, new design structures and new materials all make life more complicated for design engineers today. However, having a software package which is practical, user-friendly and up-to-date which presents data in a simple manner certainly makes life easier.



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