Tell us what you LOVE about mechanical design, and WIN a SpaceMouse Wireless!

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How to enter the competition:
All you need to do to have a chance of winning is tell us what you LOVE about being a mechanical designer. Simply add a comment below and tell us. Well pick a winner at random from the best answers. Last date for entry is Midnight GMT on March 31st. GOOD LUCK!



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194 thoughts on “Tell us what you LOVE about mechanical design, and WIN a SpaceMouse Wireless!”

  1. The ability to “never be wrong”….if it works, the design is successful, it it is cheap to make, it is well thought out, but the best compliment of all…..when somone used the item without thinking about it…just accepting it “is”…after all we have all picked something up and though “why didn’t they do it this way?”

  2. There are many things that I enjoy about being a mechanical designer. For one it is a passion, it is something that I love doing, something that is enjoyable. There are many obstacles that come with it, which makes it a great way to really problem solve. Mechanical designing is about taking things and modifying them or coming up with new things, but that ties more into to product design. Me a Mechanical designer, I am very inexperienced as of now, only being in high school I haven’t really got to experience what is out there, thinking I know everything when in reality I really know nothing. As I graduate I will be attending college and will pursue a career in Mechanical Design and will hopefully widen my view on the topic and really enjoy the passion that I love. I love when I get new project ideas and really sitting down and working on them I never want to stop. the programs that I use are Solid works, and Auto desk Inventor, but I’d love to widen my program usage and learn new and exciting programs as I further my career in Mechanical design.

  3. OK I’ll add my 2p worth, but I’ll exclude my name from the prize draw as it would certainly be wrong to award myself the SpaceMouse Wireless ๐Ÿ˜€

    For me there are many aspects of mechanical design that I enjoy – probably the most exciting time is getting a new project and making sense of something that might have previously been incomprehensible. I also like getting those “brainwaves” when the solution to a design problem just pops into your head – I particularly like it when it turns out to be something unexpected or different (but BETTER) than what people imagine.

    There are too many, many other things I could list, but one thing that I really do love is a “new parts day”, when a prototype or 1st off arrives on my desk and it’s time to finally check it out (after fighting off over-enthusiastic colleagues who want attempt to do it before you).

    Of course, the other thing is running this Forum โ€“ itโ€™s a real passion for me, and it’s very rewarding to see it gradually grow and see others benefiting from it.

  4. [quote=”Archimedes, post: 13718″]The wild parties, gorgeous women, incredible salaries and the enormous amount of recognition you get from the general public.[/QUOTE]

    I was going to leave a comment but you sir hit the nail on the head. The glory and pride is without comparison.

  5. Going from concept to product. The fact that we can take an idea from our heads, turn it into a bunch of lines and shapes on a computer screen and in a fairly short time hold a physical 3D part in our hands. The coolest feeling was the pride of the very first time I got to hold a physical part that I had designed.

  6. I think the thing that makes me get up in the morning is knowing that I am going to work on something that has never existed before. If there is a design issue I know that I get to help solve it! I might not be the first person to ever think-up the same, acceptable solution, but I might be the first person to apply something I learned along the way in a new application or method. I also enjoy working in cross-functional teams, especially electrical and coder types. I think it’s entertaining when I can suggest a simple mechanism over some complicated “modern” system.

  7. [b]From my brain![/b]

    The number one thing I love about mechanical design is taking a concept and turning it into a virtual and physical reality. It is beyond amazing to me that I can take an idea in my brain, and turn it into something I can share with others. It is an amazing feeling, and wonderful time in human history to be able to so freely share our creative concepts so readily.

  8. Because it is an “open invitation to live life to the fullest” It allows me to use my God given skills to be inventive, creative and thoughtful in my deigns to help make life better for everyone.

  9. The thing I love most about mechanical design is the ability to take a concept, a simple idea in my brain, and turn it into a virtual and physical reality. It is unbelievable to me that I can visualize something in my head and be able to share it with other people, or to hold it in my hand.

    It is an amazing time in human history to be able to so freely create our ideas, and it is becoming more readily available to everyone.

  10. [b]What I Love About Being a Mechanical Designer…[/b]

    I love having the opportunity to come up with an elegant solution to a problem put before me…

    I am a problem solver by nature, and being a mechanical engineer gives me plenty of chances to come up with something unique, elegant, and efficient. And hopefully it’s something that sells well too!

  11. What I Love About Being a Mechanical Designer…

    I love having the opportunity to come up with an elegant solution to a problem put before me…

    I am a problem solver by nature, and being a mechanical engineer gives me plenty of chances to come up with something unique, elegant, and efficient. And hopefully it’s something that sells well too!

  12. Basically i love it. It is such a vast field and i feel like i will be learning new stuff all the time. It is a challenge and i love challenges. I aim to be as good as possible and being something i really like doing i am sure it is just a matter of time.
    Having the possibility to literally shape the environment and the things that are around us is a huge responsibility and a feeling of accomplishment. It is unbelievably fulfilling, for me, to know that what i am thinking and creating will be produced, used and will help achieve a goal that ultimately creates jobs, hopes and a more comfortable way of living for all of us.
    I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work in this field, doing something that i find very interesting, creative and fulfilling.

  13. Having the ability to create something that will be useful to the end user. I like the ability to plan out how I will design a component with manufacturing in mind and potentially use detailed techniques in 3D to ensure it is designed properly. Lastly, I enjoy seeing a product go from idea to an actual object that you can touch and try to further improve.

  14. Most appreciated and rewarding is that mechanical design needs dedication, passion, constant learning, creativeness and lateral thinking, for a successful design to be chosen and adopted for longer and easier use.

  15. Ok, so I’m just about to complete a 6 month contract with a F1 team as a stress/comps engineer….
    I’m delighted to find an outfit that encourages a contractor to explore new territory in Comps failure whilst still tim.cranking out patterns, layup drawings etc for the new car.

    Pushing myself and the software does it for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. [b]What I love about being a Mechanical Designer[/b]

    Unlike many fields that people choose to work in, Mechanical and Architectural Engineering let you see a finish product. Something you can hold in your hand. You can see it move, work, and in my cases go to space, or help a soldier. Knowing that I have produced, or help produce something to make peoples lives better. Something that has value in its physical self. I have met some wonderful people along the way also.
    I LOVE it! I truly love being a mechanical Designer!

  17. I love being a Mechanical Designer because I get to be creative. I love seeing an idea or concept become a reality. I love producing a physical product that has a physical value, whether it is helping a soldier get to a location, or a satellite that is sending you your radio/tv signals. I have met some great people on the way and learn from other designers all the time.

  18. Mechanical Engineering has one of the broadest impacts on human activity – through work, leisure, health and education, mechanical engineering plays an intrinsic role in technological advancement and manufacturing. As a mechanical engineer you are well equiped with a wide range of skills to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving workplace.

  19. I’ve always been somewhat obsessed with the [I]how[/I] and the [I]why [/I]of working things. How does a car convert petrol into movement? Why doesn’t it just explode? And when it does explode why did it explode? Why not use something other than petrol? How can we make it better?

    Although designing custom-engineered mechanical solutions to unique problems has its frustrations (read: I had a bit more color in my hair when I started), in all reality I still feel like a kid in a candy store when I get a new project and our customer says “Here’s what we need to do, how in the world are we going to do it?” I love creating a solution–and that’s what it really is, not just a machine, it’s a solution–and seeing it come to fruition. To come up with something in your mind and then to have it built (often on a very large scale in my case) is truly a thing of beauty!

  20. What I love about mechanical design is that I can dream, imagine, create, invent solutions to a variety of problems and process those ideas into the real world. And if that was not enough, I get paid for doing so!

  21. [FONT=arial]I love the team-spirit, and the unique identity you develop when you’re actually good at what you do. I enjoy witnessing the transition from virtuality to reality; I design, and also participate in production. Punching, bending, rolling, welding in sheetmetal; I’ve done it all. When you have the opportunity to be a hands-on designer, you understand the level of difficulty of achieving what you envisioned, and therefore know how to set tolerances for both ease of manufacturing and ease of use, and tread on the most economical path.
    I love being the mechanical artist feeling the juices of creativity swirling around my brain[/FONT]. [FONT=impact]Kudos[/FONT]! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  22. I love the team-spirit, and the unique identity you develop when you’re actually good at what you do. I enjoy witnessing the transition from virtuality to reality. When you perform a Finite Element Analysis, later test for failure, and see the accurate results, you appreciate your software a whole lot more. I design, and also participate in production. Punching, bending, rolling, welding in sheetmetal; I’ve done it all. When you have the opportunity to be a hands-on designer, you understand the level of difficulty of achieving what you envisioned, and therefore know how to set tolerances for ease of manufacturing and ease of use, and tread on the most economical approach.
    I love being the mechanical artist feeling the juices of creativity swirling around my brain. [FONT=impact]Kudos[/FONT]! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  23. The big thing for me is the sheer fact that “it goes”. This seems trivial, since the tendency for something to work is predictable based on the principles everyone learns. Yet the things that mechanical designers create are not pre-existing objects that one can pluck from a tree branch or dig up from the earth. Mechanical designers are using pure idea to synthesize and translate into an actual, physical entity that not only exists and looks pretty, but does things and effects the world.

    This is not a commonplace occurrence; entropy prevents things from occurring spontaneously. But by dint of long hours spent thinking and planning and refining, I am capable of bringing into existence an object that can interact with its surroundings, albeit in a limited way. Nothing else in the world can do this, save perhaps for the most striking of art and literature, and it is this fundamental ability to change something through thought and consideration, rather than brute force, that makes me love being a mechanical designer.

  24. [b]Engineering Innovation[/b]

    I find I most enjoy following a project from recognition of a broad desire to a defined and implemented solution. The best projects require the use of technical knowledge to guide creativity every step of the way. In the end design engineering enables my team to design to solve customer’s problem.

  25. I love the fact that anything you can imagine can be your design.
    It is up to you to make the product what it is and what it will stand for.

    You are never wrong in your design because you after all are the designer.

    I also like seeing my projects to the end and seeing the final product go from a picture in my head to something you can touch, feel, and use.

  26. The challenge through not only the design issues, but the constraints set by ID, management, and testing. Not every good design is carried out. The great ones tackle all problems set forth from multiple angles. This is the most fun when you can wow everyone.

  27. They told me If I was a Mechanical Designer I would meet a lot of women, and finally get my harem, I always dreamed of. After years, I never met a single mechanical designer woman.

  28. The product. Sitting back after the completion of a design and knowing what went into the project, what you would improve for next time, and what you learnt. It is icing on the cake if you get to see the design made and put into action.

  29. why i am love mechanical design because every human has design skil it starts on 30000, BC human first found innovation is “wheel”. Itis an output of Human image For example leonardo da vinci designed helicopter advanced.

    Mechanical design create new idea and make possibleness for every part.That why i love mechanical design

  30. The best thing about mechanical design is to be able to create. To create things that can do anything useful , things that can move, that can fly, that can make any product. It is a satisfaction when you see that idea become a real thing. I will always remember the first day I touched a part designed by me in the computer. To be a mechanical engineer is sometimes hard, but in general it is really a fantastic job. You can virtually create everything. It is like having a superpower!

  31. To create something that was never created before.
    To solve a technical problem that was never solved before.
    To desing something to be more environmentally friendly AND safer AND more robust AND though cheaper, than it was before.

  32. What I really LOVE in mechanical design is that, after more than twenty years working as engineering consultant in designing the most different mechanical parts, plastic or metal, small ones o big ones, I still have an enthusiastic approach like I’m creating something so special, so new, so revolutionary that I say to myself “OK! After the round wheel, this will be the next growth level step for the mankind!”. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. The reason I love being a mechanical designer, is much like the original question. At the time I am posting this the topic has 43 comments, and all of the comments deserve to win.

    Much like mechanical design, every problem has many different solutions, just like the question posed has many different answers. If you gave the 43 people, who have commented on this topic, the same design problem, you would probably end up with 43 different solutions. Some would be more feasible, based on man power, money, or time, than other solutions offered, but all of them could be possibilities.

    I love being a mechanical designer, because it allows me to be creative, while still having to adhere to a strict set of technical specifications. I find it both challenging and rewarding.

  34. I love the challenge. I live for it. Being able to use creativity, knowledge, and past experience to solve a problem. All the little things from seeing the first part to watching the finished product work, awards, recognition, a paycheck are just the perks. Meeting the challenge, solving the problem, conquest! That’s what I love.

  35. Mechanical design, especially 3D (Inventor) is like a second world for me. There I can build things, that “take life” under my eyes. I can not see me doing a different job. I live for it, through it.

  36. When i was a kid my favorite toy of choice was Legos and Lincoln Logs (old guy, I know right). in high school and college it was machine shop because you got to create things from steel, that cutter was a scultors tool. what i love about being a mechanical designer is i get to be that kid playing with his lego set and carving out that steel like a scultor on the screen where there’s no limit to your imagination. so bust out that whittling knife and let that imagination flow, be that kid creating a masterpiece with his legos.

  37. no matter how a task is complicated, when I finish it the only word flies peoples’ mouth is “wow” that certainly expresses how I am passion about being a design engineer.

  38. [b]I love being a mechanical designer![/b]

    Well to start with I love the work I do, it’s always challenging and fun so I’v been blessed. I’m wired that way as well. I think in pictures and love learning new things which happens all the time.

  39. [quote=”Piotr Szewczak, post: 13745″]Mechanical Design = Life. Power. Creation

    My life is powerful since I can create by designing ![/QUOTE]

    A favorite quote of mine, attributed to Steven K. Roberts, “Art without engineering is dreaming; Engineering without art is calculating.”

  40. [b]My passion for mechanical design[/b]

    Mechanical design provides me with the challenge to break down complex manufacturing issues into simple elements to which basic science principles can be applied. Once understood, research, creative development and integration of appropriate resources allows me to deliver simple, unique, ethical and effective solutions. I take pride in executing this process and get great satisfaction from supplying appropriate functionality at good value.

  41. What I love about mechanical design is when I’ve been agonizing over a design problem, and the definitive solution suddenly becomes clear and obvious – which usually happens when I’m in the shower and not even thinking about the problem. The feeling of overcoming a difficult challenge is awesome!

  42. Freedom vs contraints, fantasy vs physical laws, engenuity vs marketing: MD is fun because it is all about this! It’s fighting and gambling, mumbling and analysing in order to imagine and manufacture things that others will use, starting from a blank sheet or a switched off monitor.

  43. Imagine you are at the end of a big project, when you and your team are in front of the working result of your efforts, and the typical strident voice from the background tells something like this: “Uhm … yes, but I would have smoothed the edge of that little bearing support”. Only then, you can be sure your work was really good: I’m a mechanical designer because I live for that feeling.

    il Satiro Alieno

  44. mechanical design is an art of producing a reliable design ,good thinking of how to make better systems that copes with every day technologies at the same time meeting the maximum needs of the customer in the easiest way with minimum cost.

  45. What I love about being mechanical designer is the thrill of designing an innovative solution to a problem, that not only works 100% of the time, but is also safe, efficient and economical.

  46. What I Love About Being a Mechanical Designer…

    I love having the opportunity to come up with an idea and then using few tools in the software I can turn it into a 3D model. But the coolest thing is that I can hold in my hand physical part, something that few day ago was only an idea.

  47. I love getting in the flow designing or making something and not realizing that time is going by because I’m so in the zone. I love being able to hold, touch, play with, and use the things that I design and see others use things I’ve designed. Holding real parts really is one of the best parts.

  48. [b]Creating something new….[/b]

    Its all about …. creating something new….n exiting things in virtual world……making the same in the real world…. its all about creation , conception…. innovation…..and…. not but not the least…. Realization….

  49. It is simply a passion… the passion to create new and innovative things.

    As a mechanical design engineer in the R&D Department, in time, I rejected positions as Team Leader or Project Leader simply because I enjoy the research, the creation of new, out of the box concepts. Nothing and no one can take this freedom away from you, the freedom to come up with new ideas based also on your vast background.

    But not only this… the fact that you are able also to put your thoughts directly into design, test different models, see first hand the problems of your design, I think this is the greatest part. As a Team or Project Leader, you just loose the touch with the design part.

    After the design is finished and you decide all tolerances and all the important measurements, another great part comes when you get to actually see your own design turned to reality and “feel” the product of your own creation. Of course, the responsibility that comes with your design comes as a bonus by adding a thrill to your work.

  50. The chance to get my work manufactured and see it physically working and having an obvious positive impact on my company. If I can imagine a solution to a product then I also have the skills to develop, manufacture and implement this solution. Who else can say that?

  51. Amazing job,! After months of hard work you finally get to the customer facility to assist the starting up of your sofisticated machine… what else job gives you the opportunity to assist to your failure right in front of your boss, the customer and his technicians when that jewel of yours starts making weird noises and vibrations, ending with a plant stop that will cost to the customer one year of your salary per day…

    The Mechanical engineer… what else?

  52. Building & creating things has always been an act of exploration & a challenge of our understanding of the materials & elements beneath our feet in order to achieve a goal.

    Along with acquired skills and determination we should seek to exceed past efforts, to build on what was done before by the Men & Women who were inspired to make a difference & to create tools that would aid in our existence & survival.

    Tools that would allow us to expand on our imagination to fashion our dreams into working solutions that reflect our respect for our family, nature & mankind. We all have a responsibility to protect our World & to use our knowledge to preserve Life, not gamble with it in the pursuit of personal gain.

    I hope there will always be fertile minds that desire to exceed what was done before, it is in our Nature to evolve & improve our skills. To welcome the challenge of each new day.

    We come from humble beginnings.

    Since Woman desired better shelter for our children, She also gave birth to the first รขโ‚ฌล“Tool Boxรขโ‚ฌ

    That selfless act has allowed us to live & thrive, to design & create.

    These are a few reason why I am motivated & enjoy my craft, the dream is alive and I am thankful.

    My passion is challenging the way we have done things, and finding real solutions that move us forward, not just placing band-aids on our industry problems.

    My name is R. Fields, I’m not important, I have made the choice to do my very best in all my endeavors as a responsible citizen of this World.

    There will always be more to learn & discover, that leaves me excited & willing each day.

    Responsible Men & Women should move forward with unwavering conviction to never repeat past mistakes simply learn from them.

    A proactive approach can yield solutions that minimize cost, & raise the quality, while employing all available tools, thus we can deliver lasting value to the market.

    Lets raise our standards with sincere intentions.

  53. I love being a mechanical engineer because of the challenging nature of the work & the constant variation from one day to another. The great satisfaction that solving a problem brings also drives you on to new challenges. ๐Ÿ˜€

  54. [COLOR=#3E3E3E]I love being a mechanical engineer because I can creatively design anything, and then to see it come about; to become alive so to speak, is the ultimate thrill. What was once an idea in my head is now a physical reality![/COLOR]

  55. As a mechanical designer I love the whole creative process involved in “problem solving”.

    From the first stages through the final drawings finding solutions the meet customer requirements, price points and manufacturability all in one thought process can be challenging and rewarding all at once.

  56. [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000]I love the ability I have to turn an intangible thought/ideainto a real material item. Most ideas remain just that – something that will probably never sees the light ofday. As a mechanical designer I am indeed in the fortunate position of beingable to apply resources to turn thoughts into reality.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
    [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

  57. My parents gave me an erector set when I was 6, now I’m 60 something and still playing with it. It is just bigger, better and badder on my computer. A 3D mouse would make it even more fun. Love what you do for work and you’ll never work a day in your life is oh so true.

  58. just being able to create something from scratch on computer, then building it with materials and having a real product in front of you to present to the customer. Its a lot like making virtual “legos” to reality “legos”

  59. First of all I get the [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Lucida Grande]opportunity to create something tangible and useful. My creations will be used by others. That gives me a great joy. There is a v[/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Lucida Grande]ariety to be learnt. I learn how to design and make things ranging from a Safety Pin to a Spacecraft. it is e[/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Lucida Grande]asy to imagine and visualize whatever I learn.
    [/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Lucida Grande]And finally but not final it sounds and feels nice to be called a Mechanical Engineer. :)[/FONT][/COLOR]

  60. The work of a mechanical designer is engaging and gives real opportunities to improve the world through the development of devices and systems that are user-centric, resource efficient and encourage sustainable behaviour. Sounds like it’s time to save the world!

  61. I love mechanical design, I know we are all supposed to say that but i really love it. I love designing around items from other generations. I have worked in engineering to retrofit a telescope from 1933. It was designed without any computers, and without a calculator for that matter but the opportunity to design components that work with something that was from long ago is completely rewarding. The engineering work that went into those things is still far superior to much of what i see today. I also love spacemice or spacemouses.

  62. Hello,
    I’ve always had a knack for engineering, I mean there is something in my blood which makes me feel complete when I design mechanical stuff. I think that this job is what I was born for. In my early childhood my first drawings and paintings were not animals or people. They were machines and mechanisms. Then I was four years old, I even tried to invent the perpetuum mobile!
    I love this activity because it is the possibility to implement my fantasy in reality.
    A good engineer is kind of artist, and mechanical design engineering, as other form of creation or design is art.

  63. My favorite part of being a Mechanical Design Engineer is being able to create and design something new from my own imagination, and then be able to watch it be built and come to form in real life in the production shop.

  64. Mechanical Engineers are like artists. Instead of paint brushes, they utilize the latest in CAD software and products to portray their masterpieces. Their designs may differ from those of their peers, but their creations appear in everyday life. The perfect design may never be thought of twice, but mechanical engineers continue to improve their designs as technology, materials and economic benefits change. The best designs are constructed with the passion of the designer and the use of innovative technology. The sense of knowing you put everything into the design and the result is something so elegant is the best thing about being a designer.

  65. I love being able to take someone’s “pie-in-the-sky” sketches, and through design, analysis, blood, sweat and tears, help create a new reality! Create, on occasion, something that would have otherwise been considered just on the other side of what was possible.

    I’ve been able to work on projects so large that they have taken over entire buildings, and become the work environment for hundreds of people.

    And the show’s pretty damn cool:


  66. [FONT=arial]Hello.

    When I see International Space Station, I feel proud of being a Mechanical engineer. Can you think existence of ISS without the help of mechanical engineer? Be proud, mechanical engineers are helping unlock secrets of universe!

    When I see TV, I talk on mobile, I think of satellites and I feel proud of being a Mechanical engineer.

    When I type [url]www.xyz.com[/url] and think of cables lying across the seas which are produced using machines designed by mechanical engineer, I feel proud of being a Mechanical engineer.

    When I see big big ships, submarines, boats; I feel proud of being a Mechanical engineer.

    When I see air-planes flying high in the sky, I feel proud of being a Mechanical engineer.

    When I see cars, buses, trucks, trains, motor cycles, cycles and what not, I feel proud of being a Mechanical engineer.

    When I see microchips, I think of machines making those and I feel proud of being a Mechanical engineer.

    When I charge my laptop, mobile and I think of heavy generators producing electricity, wind turbines, solar farms – cannot exist without mechanical engineering. Don’t you feel feel proud of being a Mechanical engineer?

    When I see movies like Apollo 13, Gravity,.. I remember help of mechanical engineers and I feel proud of being a Mechanical engineer.

    Food you eat, juices you drink, houses you leave…

    Long long list…what a mechanical engineer thinks of, he could make it happen. Almost nothing in this world which doesn’t need help of mechanical engineer!

    I Love being a mechanical engineer…[/FONT]

  67. The best part of being a mechanical designer is having the opportunity to apply your mind to problem and solve it by creating something new. It is like building a puzzle where you have to create the pieces first.

  68. I love being a designer because I can exercise creativity to problem solving using math, science, and technology. Its rewarding and fulfilling to create something on paper/CAD and see it come to life. This process can be very gratifying since most times there isn’t only one answer, so many solutions can be used or exercised.

    Another great driver of the love of design is the looking back at previous designs and seeing new ways and avenues to pursue to create more robust, cost effective, and more easily manufacturable designs.

    Design gives us a sense of purpose, either to help fill a need or refine what is already existing.

  69. I enjoy the mechanical integrity of GMISS, which is the global mechanical integrity safety standard. Making sure everything operates successfully should be one of the main concerns of every engineer. It always starts from the mechanical integrity stand point that nothing is deficient or failing. That is what I enjoy most about mechanical design. Engineers never work alone, and team work and coordination is extremely important to gain the maximum efficiency from resources that can be accessed. -End

  70. What originally brought me to be a Mechanical Designer was the problem solving. Being able to provide a solution, whether it be a new product design, manufacturing process, forensic analysis, etc… was something that really intrigued me. And I still enjoy that aspect of it very much, the more challenging, the better.

    But now what I really enjoy is making a difference in the lives of others. I have designed machines (everything from home appliances to military weapons) that helped the companies I worked for be successful, and that made me feel pretty good. But I have recently become involved with a personal project (in my spare time) that provides design assistance and prosthetic devices to kids born with hand deformities. Being part of something that will help a child catch a ball for the first time brings more joy than any regular paycheck could.

  71. I work in the serivce side of engineering, my great love is too take a failure motor/generator/item and understand why it failed then get the repair and re-design sorted.

    the best bit, knowing that its passed finial test and commissioning


  72. I most enjoy the ZONE. That sense-numbing experience of being INSIDE your model and losing the world or my music completely. The feeling of the cursor being an extension of my hand as an extension of my mind. I know the more focused I am, the more I will produce and the more I can accomplish. I relish the ZONE: the REM of my constructive self.

  73. [b]My great LOVE’s in mechanical engineering[/b]

    I LOVE being a mechanical engineer because it brings so much insight to life and opens so many business opportunities. I can work as an employee or in my own firm and in a great many disciplines and be thoroughly rewarded every time I face products out there that I have been part of developing. Also, every day work is most often thrilling with lots of travel opportunities and need/access to great tools to work with.

  74. All around us has some form a mechanical engineer thought. Mechanical design is an art of creating parts which are in a relationship one with each other. They have to fit perfectly for a final best Assembly. This Assembly is any object around us that we use and enjoy it, without to know that an mechanical design engineer is behind it. Mechanical design is an art.

  75. Mechanical Design forum is perhaps the broadest and most diverse of engineering disciplines. It Mechanical engineers play a central role in such industries as automotive (from the car chassis to its every subsystemรขโ‚ฌโ€engine, transmission, sensors); aerospace (airplanes, aircraft engines, control systems for airplanes and spacecraft); biotechnology (implants, prosthetic devices, fluidic systems for pharmaceutical industries); computers and electronics (disk drives, printers, cooling systems, semiconductor tools); micro electromechanical systems, or MEMS (sensors, actuators, micropower generation); energy conversion (gas turbines, wind turbines, solar energy, fuel cells); environmental control (HVAC, air-conditioning, refrigeration, compressors); automation (robots, data and image acquisition, recognition, control); manufacturing (machining, machine tools, prototyping, microfabrication).

  76. [B]Mechanical Engineering Design[/B] has placed me in a position to be experiencing amazing times.

    I adore having a[B] 3D printer on my desktop[/B] which allows me to flow from an idea to a prototype in one smooth motion. Making changes and adjustments and re-printing again frees the creative process from cost stress.

    Try that on a [I]drafting table with a rapidograph[/I] ๐Ÿ˜€

  77. I am a young engineer, just starting my career, but I have developed a strong passion for mechanical engineering design through my little experience.

    I love the challenge of design engineering work where there is no direct formula to get an answer. Problems are open ended there are an infinite number of solutions. I enjoy taking an objective … however vague it is … and using it to develop worthwhile designs. In particular I love the freedom to be creative and draw from all of my experience in the development of designs. I like the fact that a designer must be knowledgeable about many areas from manufacturing, to engineering principals, and product use. A designer must be able consider all of these aspects to deliver a quality design. I always challenge myself to develop a better solution than anyone else has before, looking for opportunities, whether they are small or large, to do something new.

    I find the most rewarding part to be when I reach a design I am happy with and everything comes together in a masterpiece that balances all the objectives in perfect harmony. That moment where I can see the solution to the problem and every aspect is designed for a reason. Personally, I think good engineering design is the best form of art. ๐Ÿ˜€

  78. I enjoy designing because I get to be an artist. My medium isn’t a brush and paint but with nuts and bolts. I get to fill a need by creating. As long as I meet my design specs and stay economical I can watch my imagination come to life and see people use the tools that were once only ideas.

  79. I think the quote that summarizes mechanical design are the first two lines of O’Shaughnessy’s [I]Ode[/I] (commonly known from Willy Wonka): We are the music makers; And we are the dreamers of dreams. As mechanical designers, we get to see ideas turn into tangible and functional designs, we get to solve 3D puzzles by creating the puzzle ourselves, only knowing its purpose, and we get a sneak peak at the future by driving its course.

  80. Hello,

    In particular, I like the mechanics which lies behind small arms and light weapons.

    Generally and relatively speaking, I like the matter and modelling matter, the way the virtual reality becomes reality (i.e. reality as a concept defined by our understanding).

    Of course I could go deeper and mention about the mechanics of human bodies, Solar Systems and the Universe. But that’s another matter, a grand design. And another conquest ๐Ÿ™‚ .

    All the best!

  81. For me the best thing about mechanical design is the ability to create something. It allows you to make the shapes and mechanisms you have in your mind and bring it to real world.

    Another satisfying aspect of it when you see in actions the parts that you design, and see how it’s helping or making easy lives of other people.

  82. From a small boy living at home with mum playing with Lego ensuring that the biggest and most creative machines were left all over the house, stopping the monster hover from devouring my creations …. to a grown man developing enclosures for sensitive electronic equipment or giro’s to be used in Satellites, and still been able to keep Lego on your desk …. for research !!, from ideas to solutions through prototype and beyond, you never know where you will end up.. everyday is a challenge and a reward.

  83. What I love about Mechanical Design is that it is a challenging form of art that does indeed have definable answers and interpolations. We, like artist, have the ability to visualize and convey our thoughts and transpose those visualizations into innovative, tangible objects. It is a required part of an advancing, intelligent society. Our use of tools (whether virtual or physical) is in most regards, uniquely human.
    Dale C

  84. When you are holding something in your hand you designed (or exists before you) that not too long ago it was just a thought – it is in that moment that you come to the realization that what you do is really, really cool! Not many people can create, and even fewer get to see their thoughts actually come to life. For designers/design engineers – we get to experience that privilidge regularly.

  85. I love cars and racing. I grew up working on small engines as the son of a landscape company owner. Once I realized mechanical engineers are the ones that design and improve internal combustion engines, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

  86. [COLOR=#ff0000]As a Mechanical designer, we are maximizing our life by creating something new which will be helpful for each and every person in the world by anyhow in any field.each and every moment every designer is creating something new in their mind or in their Software, so each and every second we are maximizing and living our life as a Mechanical designer. The thing is we are converting a normal world to Mechanical World.[/COLOR][SIZE=4][SIZE=1][COLOR=#ff0000][/COLOR][/SIZE][/SIZE]:cool:
    Thanks & Regards,
    Dhaval G. Navadiya

  87. I do mechanical design for 50 years now, and I still love it. When I regitered to the university I hesitated between mechanical and electronic engineering (it was long before the age of computers, and even electronics was more or less at the begining). I picked mechanics, as I felt that I liked better the connectionwith the real physical material, and I never regreted. Well, not quite. There was a short period before started to do real design work, but when it started I was swolowed by it. I loved the way a design evolves, from a rough sketch to a complete piece of macnhiery. I was even more pronouned to me back then when I had to draw it on layer after layer of trnsparent drafting paper – something the engineers of today cannot even thik of.
    Today I still love the opportunity it gives me to go to bed at night with a tough design problem or design decision that have on my mind and wake up with a possible solution, eager to put it to test on the drawing board… oops… computer screen.
    I never occupied myself with crosword puzzles or riddles. I always had enough design riddles to solve to keep my mind alert and young (considering I am nearly 72 years old I value this too).

  88. I do mechanical design becuase it educates me every time I complete something over and over again. It gives mental satisfaction, when something you have done, works and others notice it. And finally satisfies knowing that you do something to help others and you do hi-tech things. So, will continune for next 50 years ๐Ÿ˜‰

  89. I love about being a mechanical designer because it make the reality of all aspect in life and daily worked. This satisfaction can be described in two words for my personal appreciation that is “Infinity” and “Achievement”.

  90. Design gives the chance to take an idea from my head and see it come to life! And as medium and technology grow, so do the ideas. I love the creativeness, the collaboration, and the constant learning of mechanical design. And the best part: after all my hard work, I get to see my creations being used to help real people. That make all my effort more than worthwhile.

  91. The fact i love is
    we dream for the dreams of the opposite poles
    A doctor and a killer
    Theist and an Atheist
    Greedy and the needy etc..
    we are the charges to produce the flux between these poles
    In future we may be the link for these poles…

  92. [b]Mechanical Design quote[/b]

    The thing I like about being a mechanical design is the ability to be creative and take the designs in directions that no one else has ever thought of.

  93. [COLOR=#3E3E3E]I love how it allows a new and bright idea in your head to become a successfully functioning product that people can benefit from in their daily lives. With CAM and tool design capability it stresses the importance of manufacturability and seeing the product through creation as both aesthetically pleasing (ergonomics), inexpensive, safer and more productive (stronger and efficient). With simulation that CAD software can offer there is less of the costly and time consuming iterative building of prototypes and verifying the parts function optimally. Also, the designer can create CAD assembly models that show a machine operating or 3D print a part that allows you to effectively market that product to the consumer or non-engineer since they can visualize and get excited about it…in short it allows our castles in the sky to become a reality.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#3E3E3E]Lastly, with the emerging use of multi-physics simulation it has become more important that engineers across many disciplines and people in different science fields collaborate which allows all participants to broaden their horizons. In the field of engineering mechanical design is a very important tool that is necessary to create products that benefit society.[/COLOR]

  94. For me, what I love most about being a mechanical designer isn’t computer models or the feeling you get when your work comes to life. It’s being part of innovation, solving problems to improve the quality of life for somebody, somewhere, no matter how big or small the solution. Doctors may save lives, soldiers may protect our freedom, but without the free thinkers and creative minds of this world they would not have the means to do so. Design engineers are the unsung heroes of the world, you can’t go a day without using or benefiting from a product that was, at some point, conceived within the mind of a mechanical designer. Design isn’t a job or a career choice, it’s a way of life. A way of thinking that challenges the norm and goes beyond it. I bet every member of this forum can think back to their childhood and tell you they always thought like a designer/engineer. We were the children that played with Lego, we were born to create.

  95. I love mechanical design because I am passionate about solving the world’s problems. I thrive off of creating solutions that truly impact others for the better – the designs that may not be the most advanced, but the most appropriate, scalable, and useful. Seeing users benefit from my designs is amazing!

  96. We become mechanical design engineers to prove the impossible is possible. To defy everyone around you that says it can’t be done. The technology we have at our disposal permits us to work with almost no limitations, to create innovative, cost effective solutions that were beyond our grasp just 10 / 20 years ago.

    It is an exciting industry that will always be on the forefront, it is great to be a part of it

  97. [COLOR=#3E3E3E][FONT=Verdana]I love how it allows a new and bright idea in your head to become a successfully functioning product that people can benefit from in their daily lives. With CAM and tool design capability it stresses the importance of manufacturability and seeing the product through creation as both aesthetically pleasing (ergonomics), inexpensive, safer and more productive (stronger and efficient). With simulation that CAD software can offer there is less of the costly and time consuming iterative building of prototypes and verifying the parts function optimally. Also, the designer can create CAD assembly models that show a machine operating or 3D print a part that allows you to effectively market that product to the consumer or non-engineer since they can visualize and get excited about it…in short it allows our castles in the sky to become a reality.[/FONT][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#3E3E3E][FONT=Verdana]Lastly, with the emerging use of multi-physics simulation it has become more important that engineers across many disciplines and people in different science fields collaborate which allows all participants to broaden their horizons. In the field of engineering mechanical design is a very important tool that is necessary to create products that benefit society.[/FONT][/COLOR]

  98. I like the idea of taking a project from conception to final build, and having everything work as designed. Even though the stress of machine design can at times be overwhelming the satisfaction that you get when the project is finished definately makes it worthwhile!!

  99. I love seeing the world in a constructive light. I have countless hours logged pondering the little efficiencies and ineffeciencies that make interaction with products, the world, and other people interesting, challenging, extraordinary, or even unsatisfactory. Every so often it really hits me that I found such wonder in engineering– what I consider to be my best-suited arena.

    I love pulling together little bits of knowledge from every angle of design and marrying these with solid concepts of theory to create an idea that is both practical and sound. There is so much that fascinates me about thorough evaluation of the life cycle of a product– from concept to design and models, material to manufacture and recycling, calculation to testing and statistics, product endurance to transport and assembly.

    And I enjoy explaining engineering and explicit science to others. People really seem to appreciate the art-science tangle that is engineering.

  100. I love mechanical engineering because it improves our day to day almost imperceptible way. With Wirelless Mouse design can be facilitated, I believe is one more step as meaning sophistication of the design tools, which it is clear reduces the design time.

  101. Mechanical Design allows for unlimited creativity and innovation within the constraints of a unique and challenging problem. There is no one way to solve any problem perfectly, and design chases perfection at every moment. It is rewarding, frustrating, and in the end the most satisfying feeling in the world as you see your hard work well appreciated.

  102. I love being at the front of the innovation line, seeing the newest thing in my field because I’m there making it. I love being connected to other like-minded designers who love their trade and the tools of their trade. I love being stretched to think of designing things in ways that use our newest technology and developing those technologies in ways that may never have been thought of before. I love the novel, the new and the clever ways we go about making our ideas work in the real world.

  103. Having worked in machine design for the last ten years I find it very rewarding. Taking a project from concept to final build can be very stressful at times, but when it all comes together the feelling is euphoric.

  104. [b]Industrial Designer / Mechanical Designer[/b]

    What I love most about being a “Mechanical Designer” is being able to work with inventors. I enjoy most, translating their ideas into real products. I love the initial reactions when I 3D print their idea and they hold it in their hand. Then comes the billion changes that need to be made to bring their idea to reality. The education process where you explain that in addition to the product there are a zillion additional items that must be considered. Do you want to patent the idea?, have you done a patent search?, Do you have a marketing plan?, do you know who your customers are? Do you have the financing required to bring the idea to reality? Will you consider only building the product in the good old U.S.A.? Do you know the reasons why you should?
    Bottom Line…….Being a Mechanical Design Engineer is so much fun because it allows you to “Make Things!”.

  105. Mechanical design is a fascinating subject that never gets boring! You can go to work everyday knowing that you are accomplishing something important that affects lives for the better. It still amazes me that I can design and build something complicated that functions how I imagine it to!

    What I love most about this area of work is the assurance that I can provide for my family and enjoy doing so. There are plenty of reasons to love being a mechanical engineer, but without my family it won’t be worth anything.

  106. I love doing Mechanical Design because it reflects the way I am, my personality if you like. I can’t begin to express the delight I feel when I master a challenge, find a solution or simply just arrive at that light bulb moment!
    Designing things is an integral way of being for me. The methods I employ to design products are often used to find solutions to things in everyday life. The skills we pick up along the way as designers are inextricably linked with how we see the world, allowing us to see a way through to the next step, professionally and personally (for me anyway).

  107. First of all greetings to everyone ๐Ÿ™‚
    What i love about mechanical design… tough question but with simple answer. It’s easy. What is it not to love? You use your creativity, have the opportunity to be innovative, and it isn’t some algorithm for this, you can do whatever you want with what you know, you simply create something from nothing. And above all, ME ROCKS! ๐Ÿ˜€
    So, what is not to love?

  108. [COLOR=#000000][FONT=Georgia]for me im a guy that always working on something new and i need to have constantly be challenged or ill just get bored and leave. i heard thats what engineering is all about so thats why i choose mechanical engineering as my major. i love to think outside the box and seeing my imagination coming to life! & Mechanical designing give all the ways to come my imagination and dream to became in real world if isn’t i cant believe now where i m , so that i love Mechanical Designingmore than my GirlFriend.[/FONT][/COLOR]:p

  109. What I love about it is the fact that design is mostly common sense. If it isn’t that simple enough I know I have done something to complicated. And that means I am one of the few people who possess the maximum common sense among the general world population.

  110. [FONT=arial][SIZE=2]Physics, Material science,[COLOR=#000000] analysis, design, Manufacturing, [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]Maintenance and Art..!! Which other engineering field can be as comprehensive as Mechanical?! [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

  111. Physics, Materials science, analysis, design, manufacturing, Maintenance and Art..!! Which other engineering field can be as [COLOR=#000000][FONT=arial]comprehensive as Mechanical??!![/FONT][/COLOR]

  112. I love designing because it allows me to be creative like an artist but also think practically like a scientist. I love having one foot in each world, or one foot in each side of my brain ๐Ÿ™‚

  113. Why do I love being a mechanical designer? I’ve always been able to look at things differently, to see things others cannot. I tend to look at things from a different perspective than someone not involved in product design. Being creative is another aspect of my job. Even with the computers and technology we have today, sketching conceptual designs on paper is still something I do. I’ve always loved to draw and getting to use this talent for work is pretty cool. I am also a perfectionist with a tendancy to be a little OCD when it comes to details, another aspect of mechanical design that is a benefit. If someone where to ask me what my job is in just a few words, I would say “I solve problems, that’s what I do.” I love solving problems. I love being challenged, whether the problem is related to cost, some physical aspect like specific size or weight, or even performance driven. I love to look at problems encountered during the design process. A problem isn’t a problem…it’s an opportunity for improvement. I was lucky to find a position in a company that let me utilize these talents. I really like my job and you’d be surprised how many people can’t say that.

  114. What I Love About Being a Mechanical Designer..

    I love the feeling of designing a new innovative and simple solution to a often complex design problem. many of my design have been a realy simple solution to a complex design. And the happines i feel when i see “my product” in the store. i cant describe it with a better word than real LOVE…

    Arne M

  115. What I love about being a mechanical designer is the constant evolution of the field. New design and analysis tools, manufacturing methods, materials, and practices allow mechanical designers to continue to expand the boundaries of innovation. The resulting atmosphere of lifelong learning makes it exciting to rise to the challenge of being a mechanical designer.

  116. The most satisfaction of mechanical design is that there is always something new once you think you have seen everything possible here come another obstical and that will always keep your mind and you thoughts going to keep you motivated and give you a new opportunity to learn more.

  117. I LOVE the creativity of solving mechanical challenges with a physical design in a three dimensional virtual environment. Solutions can be tested, analyzed a refined in minutes. Variations of the design can be evaluated with ease. The 3d parametric software that we use today as designers allow us to go from a mental concept to virtual assembly and even an assembly of 3d printed parts in an afternoon. I am really excited to see the unleashed potential of designers accelerating over the coming years.

  118. And the [B]winner [/B]of the SpaceMouse Wireless is (drumroll please)….


    Congratulations lockbits! Thanks to all who posted in this thread. There has been some great responses. Very inspiring to read!

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