Top 5 Engineering Websites

  • To be a successful and well-informed engineer, it’s not enough to just have an engineering degree anymore!
  • To up-skill yourself and stay ahead of your peers, you need to keep up to date with the latest in engineering technology and news.
  • Engineering websites are a fantastic resource at your fingertips, compared to magazines, textbooks and encyclopaedias of years gone by.
  • Here we look at 5 of the best engineering websites to keep you up to date, including our very own engineeringclicks.com.

To be a successful and well-informed engineer, it’s not enough to just have an engineering degree anymore. You need to be constantly aware of new information and techniques that will improve your practice. Likewise, as an engineering student, you need to have access to books, formulas, charts, designs, etc. You also need to  share ideas with engineering professionals and students around the world. Previously, it was a little more difficult to achieve all of this. Today, however, the internet makes information and technology very accessible. Many engineering websites with a lot of resources now exist.

These websites provide easy access to pools of engineering knowledge. Rather than pore through books and libraries, engineering professionals and students alike can maintain sharp minds through the click of a button. In this article, we will review the top 5 engineering websites every engineer should know about.

In no particular order, here are the top 5 engineering websites we recommend:

Top 5 engineering websites according to EngineeringClicks.com

1.  The Engineering Toolbox

This website has an impressive array of charts, tables, formulas, definitions, properties, parameters and standards. It contains thousands of these, ranging from the coefficient of linear expansion of materials to properties of dry air. The site organises its resources into well-structured categories for easy navigation. Considering the quality and quantity of content on this site, it is tempting to call it the most comprehensive engineering values site online.

Engineeringtoolbox.com also has several unit converters and an online calculator. Founded in 2001, the engineering toolbox  site has grown into a go-to compendium for professionals. When listing engineering websites for students as well, the engineering toolbox often pops up. This is due to the fact that it contains a lot of useful resources for students.

2. Crazy Engineers

Crazy engineers is one of the best engineering websites in India and the world at large. Founded in 2005, this site has over 384,000 registered members spread across various countries. According to the site, “No matter your engineering branch or job status, crazy engineering can help you get things done”. This site certainly lives up to this claim. Crazyengineers.com is a well-structured and easy to navigate site.

You can find news content, job advertisements, downloads, and many useful resources on crazy engineers. Aspiring engineers can also view prospective career opportunities. In addition, the site has a ddiscussions page where members can ask questions and get answers from other members of the site.

Furthermore, this website has an official blog in addition to separate groups for members of similar interests.

3. EngineeringClicks

Obviously, we couldn’t have a list of the best engineering websites with our very own engineeringclicks.com, the No. 1 mechanical design engineering portal (even if we do say so ourselves!). We strongly believe that we’ve got one of the best engineering sites on the web. Our website has a very straight forward user interface for both mobile and desktop version. Our site categories information into forums, articles, jobs and directory.

The forum is further divided into the following sections: Mechanical design, manufacturing, CAD section, business, legal & IP section, employment opportunities, and off topic.

The article page of engineering clicks contains articles on several design and manufacturing topics. We have a job page where users can browse through job advertisements. We also have a contact directory for anything design and manufacturing related. For most things design, Engineering clicks is certainly one of the most comprehensive engineering websites in the UK and globally.

4. DiscoverE

DiscoverE.org is one of the few engineering websites for elementary students. It serves as an online platform for Discover engineering, an organisation of professional engineers who seek to enlighten students on the awesomeness of engineering and to encourage them to choose a career in the field.

Although the site also contains content for professionals, most of its content is geared towards younger generations. Discover engineering aims to lead the movement to inspire younger generations to get into engineering. Content on this site is divided into programs, training, activities, downloads, and discovery. The site also has a web-shop where visitors can buy cool T-shirts, books, and more.

5. engineering.com

engineering.com is an all in one engineering site with information from various fields of engineering. Of all the top engineering websites examples, engineering.com has the largest collection of great articles. It provides information and connections for engineers around the world.

The site contains stories about the latest news and articles from around the world, project boards for the exchange of ideas, job advertisements, resources, blogs, directories, tutorials, and calculators. It also has forums for engineering professionals and lastly, challenging engineering puzzles and games for when you have some down time.

engineering.com has a well-structured and easy to navigate user interface.



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