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engineeringclicksscreenA warm welcome to EngineeringClicks. This is the new version of Mechanical Design Forum. We felt it was time for a complete reinvention with a new name, new design and completely revamped site architecture!

Mechanical Design Forum (MDF) ran from 2009 to today (29th May 2016), so it had a pretty good run. It has been a dear friend to me over the last 7 years, and I will certainly miss it, but it’s time for a change…

EngineeringClicks has the same core values as Mechanical Design Forum. It is first and foremost a mechanical engineering community where mechanical engineers (or anyone with an interest in the subject) can come together for support or share ideas.

Taking things to the next level

Mechanical Design Forum (2009-2016)

We aim to take things up a notch and become a bigger and more successful (and helpful) website than Mechanical Design Forum. A less clunky name and a sleeker, modern look and feel should help extend the reach and appeal to members. We also plan to bring you many more great articles from our talented writing team of over 15 writers. They’ve been tapping away for the last 2-3 months preparing a healthy backlog of new material. We have some real treats in store – some really excellent articles, comment and insight into many areas of mechanical engineering.

Goodbye and thanks to MDF

Thank you Mechanical Design Forum (2009-2016) for everything, and welcome to EngineeringClicks.

We hope you enjoy the new website!




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